Say Hello to BVI Mermaid

It is my pleasure to introduce another fellow geek and team member to the Carib Gamer family. Here is a quick bio on BVI Mermaid

Video games: Nintendo junkie: especially the legend of Zelda franchise, In Playstation, loves Kingdom Hearts

Anime: Grew up watching anime like Sailor Moon, DragonBall, Gundum Wing and Yu-Gi-Oh just to name a few. Now a days, I binge on anime like  Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Food Wars, Attack on Titans (fantasy genre), Death Note and the list goes on!

About BVI Mermaid: nature lover, loves the ocean (Snorkel, dives) mother of one. Enjoys traveling, FOOD, cosplay, playing video games, watching anime, k drama, reads mangas and webtoon comics. I also enjoy listening to K-POP.

Webtoons: My Dear Cold Blooded King, Siren Lament, Nobelesse, The Gamer, UnOrdinary, Home Sweet Home and the list keeps getting longer as there’s great comic artist out there releasing amazing storylines.

BVI Mermaid along with Joye Styk, Blake and Mr. Carib Gamer himself held it down for our NBA 2K17 tournament at the K&J 3×3 Basketball Tournament April 1st – 2nd 2017. You can say the Carib Gamer Family is growing…

Joye Styk
Mr. Caribgamer
BVI Mermaid


CEO of Carib Gamer. Avid Gamer and Journalist. Father and Husband. Strong family ties and loves FPS and RPG games. Proud member of the HTKU clan.

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