Say Hello to Merm@id

It is my pleasure to introduce another fellow geek and team member to the Carib Gamer family. Here is a quick bio on Merm@id!

Video games: Nintendo junkie: especially the legend of Zelda franchise, In Playstation, loves Kingdom Hearts

Anime: Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Food Wars, Attack on Titans (fantasy genre), Death Note and the list goes on!

Merm@id: nature lover, loves the ocean (Snorkel, dives) mother of one. Enjoys traveling, FOOD, cosplay, playing video games, watching anime, k drama, reads mangas and manwas (webtoon) I also love to listen to K-POP.

Manwas: My dear cold blooded king, Sirens, Nobelesse, The Gamer, UnOrdinary

Merm@id along with Joye Styk, Blake and Mr. Carib Gamer himself held it down for our NBA 2K17 tournament at the K&J 3×3 Basketball Tournament April 1st – 2nd 2017. You can say the Carib Gamer Family is growing…

Joye Styk
Mr. Caribgamer