Samurai Jack Season 5 episode 9 & 10 Review

  • A Fitting End


All good things come to an end. Was this the ending I expected. Yes. Finally some closure to an epic tale of Samurai Jack.

We have reached to the end. The journey of Samurai Jack has been an awesome one. This review will be of Episode 9 and 10. If you followed me along this journey you know this is bitter sweet. I am not happy that that this has ended but did we get the ending that we all been hoping for? Let’s find out.

Episode 9

We pick up where things left with Jack and Ashi having a passionate kiss. Jack realized what that meant. In his travels he knew one thing. Aku took everything that he loved and destroyed it. All that was left was his memories. He knew that if Ashi was to follow him on his journey she would be taken from him also.

That is when we see Scaramouch finally making his way to Aku with the news of Jack losing his sword. Aku did his happy dance. Aku sucks at dancing. Fast forward we see Jack and Ashi having a moment. Up to this point Jack haven’t told Ashi verbally that he loves her. It’s an unspoken thing. Once it is spoken then it becomes real. Yet Jack’s action reflects that of a man madly in love. Asking Ashi to stay away was his way of saying “I love you.”

Aku shows up and realizes that Jack got back his sword. And just like that he was good to go. Then the twist of events spiraled down hill for Jack. Aku smelt himself. He realized that some of him was in Ashi. Which answered the million dollar question. How Aku got a kid or kids LOL. When it was revealed how she got the kids I thought…That was dumb. So when Jack attacked Aku, Ashi defended Aku. At that moment Ashi couldn’t control her actions and was controlled by Aku. Jack was devastated. He couldn’t bring himself to kill Ashi. The woman he has grown to love was the daughter of Aku. Talk about a complicated relationship. Since Jack couldn’t bring himself to attack or kill Ashi he gave up the sword.

Episode 10

Jack’s captured is televised for the whole world to see. All of Jack’s friends watch in horror knowing that Aku will kill him. Now instead of killing Jack right there and then Aku couldn’t decide how to kill Jack. All the while Jack is trying to reach Ashi. Begging her to fight back. All that time wasted gave Jack’s friends enough time to come to his rescue.

A major fight ensued. This is the final battle. Jack is doing his best not to attack his new found girlfriend. The Scottish Ghost seem to be the most powerful with his Celtic magic. Aku reminds me of Venom. In terms of the way the sound blast affects him more than the physical attacks. Once Aku had enough he rains down black spike immobilizing everyone. Once again the celtic magic acts as a barrier protecting those in his radius. At that moment Jack is inside of Ashi trying to get her to fight off the will of Aku. Just as she has given up hope Jack shout the words she already knew but needed to hear. “I Love You.”

Just like that she broke free of Aku’s grip and was able to wield his power. She was like Neo in the Matrix. There is no spoon. Everything Aku threw at her she gave it back. Then she used her power to take Jack back in time at the moment he was tossed into the future. Jack continued his fight defeating Aku once and for all.

Of course after the battle is done Jack and Ashi can finally live happily ever after. Wrong. Aku never existed. Which mean Ashi was never born. So as she walked down the isle to be married she vanished. Leaving Jack alone but all isn’t lost. He got back his family. Balance is restored.

My Thoughts

Was this a fitting ending for Samurai Jack. Yes. Every great story has to come to an end. I really wanted Jack to be able to experience love but having a happy ending wouldn’t do this justice. Call me a romantic but this feels right. Love is a funny thing. It will come back to him in one way or another. A splendid ending for a great cartoon series that I can finally get some closure for. It was a great journey and if you followed me from the beginning of season five to now I thank you and hope you will stick around as I continue to review many more anime, cartoons, movies and all things geek culture!


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