Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 7 Review

  • Jack is BACK!


Ashi is a beast! Jack got his swagger back! This is a must see episode!

Finally we got a deeper look into how Jack lost his sword. This opening scene wasn’t just service to answer questions, it helped set the tone for the episode in a big way. For when Jack realized he didn’t lose the sword, that it left him, he knew an inner search for the sword was necessary. So far the series been using art to portray the tone for each scene. This episode used “sound” to play a huge role for what was going on.
We have Ashi going into what I call BEAST MODE! While Jack was meditating searching for the sword, Ashi went HARD IN THE PAINT! Ashi may dress cute but she ain’t fighting cute! She literally defeated a whole army. Then when you think that fight was over her mother showed up! YES HER MOTHER!
It was the moment we all been waiting for. Ashi turned against her family after finding out the truth. Now to stand up against her mother while defending Jack was just satisfying to watch. Now SPOILERS…… during the fight we only see her go down. There is “No body” shown. So we can’t know for sure that she is dead. Maybe show up at the last minute while Jack is fighting Aku? Maybe!


We have Jack on a spiritual journey. Seeking to gain the trust of the sword once again. I won’t lie Jack looking like Jesus right about now. Samurai Jesus…nah. Either way he reaches the spiritual guide and now has to make tea.
While we had Ashi fighting with the sounds of bones breaking and shouting warriors. Inside Jacks mind was pure silence. Which made a stronger impact of the contrast of each scene. I loved it! So once Jack was done with the tea the spiritual guide told Jack that the tea tasted horrible because it had no balance. That is when the Evil Jack popped up again. You can tell that he was angry by the way he was all red. Finally, Jack talking with the spirit guide and realizing that it was himself that was preventing him from finding the sword was powerful. The evil version of Jack played a perfect role in this realization, as you know that in his mind, Jack was saying these things, but he knew that it wasn’t the path. This is when things got really cool.
Once Jack dismissed his inner demon balance was brought back. Then the Gods from the Samurai Jack movie came back to give him the upgrade he needed! Not only did he get his sword back but he got a shave, haircut, cloths and his samurai swagger.
With three more episodes what is left. Jack got back his sword. He has a converted faithful companion. His inner demon has been defeated. It look like only Aku is left. Will he pick up some friends along the way? Will this be the battle we been waiting to see? All I know is that every episode brings us closer to the end. This episode had some “time” issues. For example how did Ashi’s mother find them. I can conclude that Jack was sitting there for couple days. Allowing the army to pinpoint their location and finding them. It wasn’t told but only shown when Jack was sitting there it did a day cycle or two. But over looking that we have another solid episode with some strong fight scenes and a hype built for the next episode is real.


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