Samurai Jack Season 5 Ep. 1 & 2 Review



Jack is BACK! His enemy isn’t just Aku! The battle within will test Samurai Jack. Genndy Tartakovsky art style and writing is a masterpiece!

Jack is back! The return of the Samurai who’s one mission is to defeat Aku. The twist is he can’t go back to his time line because Aku closed all the time portals and he lost his sword. Season 5 started off a little slow with episode 1 but every story needs a beginning.

Episode 1

We have a battle worn Jack who is not only battling Aku minions but himself. He doesn’t age so the demons within are getting to him. Also we see Aku or someone else getting busy and getting babies. Seven ferocious females to be exact. All training to be assassins of Jack. The theme in this episode solidifies Jacks mental state. He is a man who is on the edge. The art direction is classic Genndy. This new edgy atmosphere adds some maturity to this classic cartoon. It still retain some of it’s classic charm but gives us that “I am new” cartoon smell.

Jack be seeing dead people

Episode 2

This episode was just WOW. I couldn’t take my eyes off for a second. The contrast with the white wolf and the the fight scene. Just had me at the edge of my seat. Also Aku “talking to HIMSELF” a whole new spin. Sorry getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

Aku look like he ain’t enjoying his life as Master of the World. He sounds like a desperate housewife. He is mad that Jack wouldn’t die from old age. Which was a good idea at first.  I mean 50 years and you would think old age would be the death of Jack. Hilarious. The scene with Aku talking to himself just reminded me of the humor I use to get from watching Samurai Jack back in the day.

Then the seven assassins finally meet Jack. Best scene EVER. I was captivated by the contrast of the White wolf fighting against the Green and Black tigers. Once again we see how Genndy can take the art design and pulls us in his world. The desperation was REAL. Jack was overwhelmed. Even at one point we see him contemplating suicide. Which shows from episode one how hard it must be for Jack to endure hardship all those years.


These lovely assassins were going HAM on Jack. Stripping him down of all his weapons and making him retreat. Only to realize they are never gonna stop until he is dead. All their skill is paying off as they give Jack a run for his money. All he knows is that he must get away from these killers. As we know all the time that Jack have been fighting Aku he always sent machines. So in Jacks mind he never had to worry about killing another human being. He always retained his honor. Yet in this episode we see that even Jack can make a mistake. As he was fighting one he made a killing blow.

Once he realized what he had done it was to late. This fight injured him badly. Blood is dripping from our hero. I can only imagine what this will do to Jack. He is already feeling guilty for failing his people and not fulfilling his duty. All the while we see as Jack is walking off the contrast of the White Wolf fighting the Tigers. We see a bloodied Wolf laying on the ground dead. A metaphor to what could happen to our hero. Jack may be able to fight Aku with his skill but he is losing the battle within himself. I am loving season five. These two episodes got my attention and I wish this wasn’t the last season but giving us the final chapter of Samurai Jack is fitting for this time.


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