Rumor: Call of Duty WWII

Rev up those fryers cause we got a rumor that needs frying! Call of Duty seem to be going back to the World War setting. Hmm since NO ONE really enjoyed Infinite Warfare and the space setting they are looking at going back to boots to ground action once again. Here is a leaked image of the box art for the game.

One can only imagine what this game could entail. Zombie mode. Check. Dated Graphics. Check. Boring Story. Check. Call of Duty is just pulling at straws now. With the resounding success of Battlefield 1 the boys at Activision wants to cash in on the WWII vibe. Personally I would of waited one more year before releasing this game. I would of had a focus group to zero in on what would make this a good game. Don’t bring me Call of Duty Black Ops mechanics with a new skin. Will wait to see the trailer for this game and lets see if they learned their lesson from the last game.


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