Rick and Morty: Vindicators 3 Review

  • Drunk + Rick = Awesome


Just when you think Rick and Morty could have a bad episode they hit upside your head and pull out another great episode!

Hey friends! Rick and Morty is on a roll! Episode after episode Justin and Dan have proved their creative dominance!

So we have Morty in the garage capturing blue eyeballed worm creatures that could make the population sterile. Don’t ask me why Rick would have something like that but does it really matter? Maybe cause in Rick and Morty everything has a reason… Anyway the Vindicator beacon started to light up and Morty wanted to heed the call. Of course Rick ain’t bout that life. So when Rick told Morty to let it go to voice mail Morty invoked the Morty adventure card…classic.

Once at floating ship base, we meet the team: the heavenly body Supernova, anthropomorphic ant colony One Million Ants, botted crocodile Crocubot, tragic ghost train summoning Alan Rails, renegade star soldier Vance Maximus (very much a knock on Tony Stark/Star Lord cocky drunk characters), and Noob Noob, who loves all of Rick’s jokes. Remember that for later. The team has assembled for a third time to once again take down their ostensible nemesis Worldender, who is out to end more than worlds this time.

Once done with the briefing Morty realized that this was the third mission that the Vindicators have done. Knowing that they wanted nothing to do with Rick, Morty tries to tell Rick to lay off. Possibly hurting his feelings by stating these guys are his heroes. Obviously, this means Rick will take this to heart and better himself to make it up to Morty right?

Wrong. He was passed out with his pants down surrounded by his own diarrhea. Yep only Rick… Luckily, Vance decides to cheer Morty up with his very own Vindicator vest and assure him that anyone can be a hero. Once touching down on their target planet, we get a chance to see everyone incorporate their powers into their gags, like Million Ants taking turret fire and regenerating, boldly claiming he is back to One Million Ants. This is where Rick’s use to the team comes in, as he can make gadgets to get across things like the aforementioned turrets, but not without is trademark snark. But as the team makes their way through already eviscerated guards, they happen across the dying remains of Worldender and are greeted via recording the true enemy: Blackout Drunk Rick.

Blackout Rick is AWESOME! Not only did he killed the Worldender he had to time to sort out a Saw-ish game. Saw was a movie where if you didn’t play by the rules you could die. If you think the last episode was dark you ain’t see nothing yet! This episode by far had the most gruesome deaths to date. This time done by the heroes Morty idolized.

As Morty went through each puzzle he began to feel that deep down his grandfather truly does love him. He also saw his heroes for who they really are. How each hero died was classic Saw.

The final stage has Drunk Rick telling the decimated group that while he hates them, they do have one thing he’ll never have, and that thing is what they need to escape. Morty feels that there’s probably no right answer, but Rick, surprisingly, thinks it might be Morty, realizing he might have gotten jealous that Morty thought they were way cooler. It’s that or die anyway, so Morty gets onto the platform and is greeted with an amusement park ride themed goodbye from Rick telling someone how thankful he was they really stuck by him. Only it’s not for Morty, it’s for Noob Noob. Supernova attempts to kill Rick and Morty for Rick’s actions, but Million Ants steps in to calm her…and is killed for his troubles. All seems lost…

…until it’s revealed Drunk Rick planned out a whole party as the end of the trial. So Supernova awkwardly shuffles away, which Rick couldn’t care less about, and Morty realizes that everyone’s a hero. And, in a way, that means no one is.

This episode we didn’t have epic tag lines like “PICKLE RICK!” but a deeper look into the mind of Rick. Hey not to mention a cool cameo of the rapper Logic dropping some bars. How cool is that.



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