Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 Review

Wubba lub dub!!! Rick and Morty is back and I know I am late with the review but been busy with life smacking me around like a bad step child. Nonetheless I am super stoked about this series.

We begin the episode with Morty stalking Summer and Rick being in auto pilot mode. LOLZ classic Rick. Either way we can see that the dynamic has changed between the family. Rick has to ask Beth for permission to go on adventures with Morty which pisses him off. Basically any form of control over him pisses him off. Also we see that Beth still loves Jerry even though he is an idiot still. Summer seem to be more superficial this time around.

The meat of the episode is when Rick wants death crystals. These crystals supposedly tell you when you will die. Although it seem kind of confusing cause it shows you multiple deaths you basically have a choice on how you will die by choosing the right path not to die. Like precognition but on acid.

Morty soon realized there is a death where Summer is stroking him on his head while saying she loves him. Now Morty is a horny bastard and wants to die in Summers arms. So he focuses on that while hiding the death crystal in his pocket. You can see where this is gonna go. Morty now wants to stay the path of that death but needs to walk towards that direction. Morty asks Rick to drive the hovercar and Rick thinking this is an awesome moment for the both of them he allows it. Not knowing Morty just wants to die in Summers arms. Rick realized that and fights Morty for the wheel.

Then BOOM hits a rock Rick goes flying out and dies on a pointy rock. LIKE WOW! Rick is already dead.

As usual Rick being the smartest man alive…and dead he had an AI chip implanted in Morty for such an occasion of this. The AI ask Morty to get the DNA from his corpse and use it to make a clone of himself. Well Morty was just about to do it and then like the horny bastard that he is he decided not to bring Rick back and pursue his lovely death in Summer arms.

Which brings us to plan “B”. Rick had a program rerouted to another universe called project “Phoenix”. Basically a backup copy of himself. Rick also broke the fourth wall by saying he took his clone vat offline in the previous season. He will be doing that often in this episode. Oh also he keeps popping up in a fascist utopia.

Things escalate pretty quickly for Morty as the crystal sends him on a path of destruction as he kills anyone that gets in his way. All the while Rick’s AI hologram harasses him relentlessly to use the DNA recovered from his corpse to bring him back alive. Morty is hell bent on being with Summer so much that he even avoids her. She asked him to come with her to go skinny dipping and he like a fool refuses. Sad. At the same time Rick finally found a universe that isn’t a fascist utopia. Here is the kicker. He is a wasp.

He got back to his universe only to find Morty messed with most of his things. Morty is now in the middle of the desert covered in a black symbiote that would sustain him. At that moment the two Ricks (one being a wasp and the other back as a human) swoops in to save Morty from himself. Freeing Morty from the grasp of the death crystal. This was a classic Rick and Morty Episode. I am loving the energy so far. Season 4 started off with a bang!


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