Rick and Morty “Rickmancing the Stone” Review

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Crack out that Schezwan sauce! Rickmacing The Stone is full of zest and spice!

What feels like a century Rick and Morty is back! Picking up right after the April premier The Rickshank Redemption we finally get that fix we been aching for. More Rick and Morty episodes!

If you remember the ending of the first episode Jerry and Beth are finally getting that divorce. A Mad Max-themed episode that explored the effect that the divorce has had on not only Summer and Morty but also on Rick, Rickmancing the Stone was a gentle easing back into the show that delivered plenty of laughs and a lot of character development.

Lets talk about Summer. Rick have been exploiting her over bearing need to drown her feelings of the divorce by taking needless risks. To be honest I like this version of Summer. Dark and gritty. Even when she fell in love with the tribe leader Haemorrhage and wanted to stay in that dimension, Rick had no problem leaving her there. The episode is packed full of awesome gags too, from Morty’s sentient arm to Rick using robotic versions of Morty and Summer in an attempt foil Beth back on Earth. The episode’s real strength, however, lay in its emotional resonance following the divorce. While the metaphors were arguably a little heavy handed, seeing the two children deal with their problems in different ways really brought a lot to the table, while Rick’s struggles were arguably the most intriguing.

Rickmacing The Stone is a fine example of what Rick and Morty is capable of. They promised us a darker season and if this is an indiction of what is to come well then Wubalubdubdub I’m ready!



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