Rick and Morty “Pickle Rick” Review



Once again Rick and Morty delivered another episode that was in simple terms EPIC.

I’M PICKLE RICK!!!!!! The newest catchphrase that will be definitely up there with I’M RICK JAMES!!! So you can only expect that this episode up the ante from the last episode Rickmancing the Stone. ‘Pickle Rick’ is an excellent, non-stop, blood-soaked adventure making it one of my most favorite episode!

With the Family going to therapy Rick devised a plan not to join them. I mean what better way to be counted out of this family therapy session but by turning himself into a pickle!

What seems to be an episode of a helpless Rick as a pickle we soon realize ain’t nothing helpless with the worlds most brilliant scientist.

Now, those fight scenes. If you thought last week’s Blooddome was violent, you hadn’t seen anything yet. Decapitating rats was just the start. Come some unnamed, high-secure facility filled with Russian mobsters being led by an English boss, people were getting holes blown through their heads by an AA battery powered laser, Pickle Rick killing almost everyone.

Of course, the scene was gags galore. Again, Rick and Morty managed to mock genre stereotypes — this time 80s action movies — while bringing a fresh twist to proceedings, mainly thanks to Rick being a pickle. Along with the joke about The Pickle Man being an “old wives tale”, Jaguar, AKA the ultimate, steroid-pumped henchman with vengeance pushing him on (voiced by Danny Trejo!), was an episode highlight, particularly with the line: “This ends when one of us dies, and I’ve never died before.”

With the family still at therapy (minus Jerry) we can see that Beth is definitely in denial when it comes to her dad Rick. Although we know this isn’t his original Beth, Rick still found it within himself to make it to the therapy session. I think it was the fact she had the serum in her purse and he was gonna die soon if he didn’t get it. Both Morty and Summer got their inner demons all flushed out in a post apocalyptic world so their approach to the therapy was enlightening. Sadly Beth still have daddy abandonment issues which was revealed at the end of the episode when she gave him the serum turning him back to his old self. Once again Rick and Morty delivered another episode that was in simple terms EPIC.


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