Razer Announced New Smartphone

Razer is a well known company for their computer hardware, mice and keyboards. Now they seek to gain some traction in the smartphone arena. Introducing the Razer Phone. The companies mission with the phone is to release a mobile device that’s capable of handling high-end games on mobile devices that rivals the PC. A claim that I personally think is a bit to tall to grasp.

So what separates this from all the other game phones…

Nokia N-Gage…. yes I owned this.
Sony Xperia Play… I also owned this….

For one they are not trying to be a full fledge “gaming phone” but a balance between an everyday “driver” and enough power under the hood to handle the most tasking mobile games. Oh did I mention they have 120 Hz Ultra Motion refresh rate. That just means no lag or stuttering while playing games or watching movies. Also the metal body acts as a way to cool down the phone..  Here are the specs:


It features a 5.72-inch 1440p 120 Hz UltraMotion™ display that delivers fast refresh rates. It also utilizes some amazing audiovisual technologies and processing power that rivals some notebooks today.


For sound, the Razer Phone uses Dolby Atmos technology to provide cinematic audio for its users on the front speakers. It also includes dual dedicated amplifiers. The phone features a THX-certified USB -C audio adapter with a 24-bit digital audio convertor. Razer guarantees audiophile-quality sound with one’s favorite headphones.


The Razer Phone uses the latest Qualcomm chip called the Snapdragon 835 which delivers power and performance. The phone also comes with 8GB of RAM which is quite a lot of horsepower on a phone. The phone comes equipped with 64GB of internal storage space and has an external microSD slot.

As far as battery goes, the Razer Phone comes with a 4,000 mAh battery, which is one of the largest capacities found on smartphones today. Since this device is geared around gamers, this is quite a useful feature of the phone. The Razer phone also comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ which enables you to rapidly charge the device.


Cameras are usually one of the most important parts about a smartphone and the Razer phone features dual rear 12 MP cameras. But nothing makes it really stand out compared to other smartphones available today. The front camera is an 8MP FF f2.0 which is quite standard as well.


The Razer Phone will come installed with Android Nougat and will receive an Android Oreo upgrade in Spring of 2018. It also comes pre-installed with the Nova Launcher Prime with Google Assistant Integration.


To illustrate Razer’s belief in gaming on this particular device, the company has agreed to partner with Tencent and Square-Enix to launch special IPs for the Razer Phone.

In specififcs, Tencent will be launching “Arena of Valor” soon in North America and will be bringing the MOBA game to the Razer Phone where players will “engage in overclocked action and turbocharged team fights, thanks to the device’s powerful gaming capabilities.”

Upcoming games for Razer Phone

  • Final Fantasy® XV Pocket Edition” from Square Enix
  • “Gear.Club” from Eden Games
  • “Lineage 2: Revolution” from Netmarble Games Corporation
  • “Old School RuneScape™” from Jagex Limited
  • RuneScape™” from Jagex Limited
  • “Shadowgun Legends™” from Madfinger Games
  • “Tekken™” from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
  • “Titanfall™: Assault” from NEXON Co., Ltd. and Particle City, Inc.
  • “World of Tanks Blitz” from Wargaming Group Limited 

Razer didn’t really make any mentions of VR with the upcoming phone. Currently, the company looks to be more so focused on being optimal for the next generation of high-end mobile games. Razer Phone will be priced at USD $699.99 and sold directly through Razer and Amazon. The company is looking to ship by November 17th.

My Opinion

I thought when Razer was making a phone there would of been some kind of aesthetics that resembles their current hardware. Logo with the red green and blue lights. Some kind of gimmick that would separate it from the other square black phones in the market already. I guess they wanted to keep the phone boring or similar so not to lose out in sales. I must admit I love the price point. Not a fan of the no headphone jack but once again Apple dictates what will be the norm. Being a gaming phone I would be inclined to probably test it out. I won’t lie the Nokia N-Gage was my favorite gaming phone to date. It was everything I wanted a phone to be.


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