Rangers of Oblivion Review



A Solid MMO Mobile game. Great price of free and stellar graphics if your phone can handle it.

Rangers of Oblivion is a new MMORPG game for mobile devices. Those who are familiar with Monster Hunter should feel at home with this game. This isn’t a basic rip. I was shocked to find this game could actually be a decent copy.

So this is the Monster Hunter formula. You visit the local smith, check out what materials you need. Then craft a more powerful weapon or a set of armor. Then head on out to beat up massive monsters to get the materials. Simple right? Well these monsters won’t just lay down and hand you the material. Which brings in fighting with friends an important counterpart. Luckily we don’t have to worry about that part of the game. Monster Hunter in my opinion dropped the ball in that department. Rangers of Oblivion solved that problem with a robust multiplayer room.

Like any free game on IOS or Android there is a catch. Whether there be ads or “energy” to play for a period of time, this didn’t bombard me with any of the sort. To sweeten the pot I could of played the game with my blue-tooth controller.


Rangers of Oblivion has realistic 3D graphics with high resolution and sharp images that help you feel the world in the game. With smooth animated character animation, each character’s powerful skills comes with a vibration screen effect. This make the battle seem more violent. There is also a weather system with a day and night cycle. Sadly there are times where screen tear and pop ups occur. Although playing on my Samsung S9+ was a smooth experience.


Smooth controls that make playing the game even more flexible. Both touch and blue-tooth controls respond very well. Moving around the map is easier with a click and go. Gotta love that auto-run.


Great graphics and plenty of things to do in this game. Oh this isn’t a “Pay to Win” kind of game either. Of course they have In App Purchases but nothing that could break the game. This is a solid game for anyone who loves Monster Hunter. Make sure you have about 1.1 GB of space available on your phone. Also this game needs an internet connection to play at all times.


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