PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS goes Mobile – Carib Gamer Update

GUESS WHO’S BACK! BLAKE IS BACK!! The Battle Royal genre that started it all is finally on mobile devices. After installing about 700mb (make some space lol) the first thing I had to do was connect it to an account. I used my facebook account and I was on to the next screen. Testing it on my Google Pixel the game automatically chose the level of graphics intended for my phone. I got the medium settings.

The left stick lets you move forward and back, and strafe left and right while the right stick changes the direction that the camera is facing. Push that left stick far enough forward and you’ll lock yourself in auto-run. It’s, of course, handy for covering a lot of distance in a short period of time, but it also allows you to take your finger off the screen and get a better view of your surroundings. If I have one complaint it’s that running in one direction and looking in the other is a bit fiddly right now and takes some getting used to.

On the console version, I sucked. Literally, I was that guy who died every time. I guess that is why I am having a hard time playing Fortnite. Amazingly I got my first kill fairly easily. I think it was a bot to make me feel good.

All in all the same tense cat and mouse gameplay is here. Playing this on a bigger screen phone or tablet is recommended. I tried using my Benq controller and couldn’t map some of the buttons for the controller. Would have been nice cause the touch controls aren’t my cup of tea. But this is a free game so get downloading and give it a try!


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