Prince Uldren Brought Back To Life, As A Guardian?

On this daily reset Tuesday, December 18th while finishing up our bounties and other missions we made our stop at the Dreaming City. Ever since the Forsaken DLC dropped Destiny story mode became something more than just find a bad guy and kill him. With the death of Cayde we have been asked many questions. No longer are we Guardians that fight for justice. We crossed the line of revenge. Was it the right thing to do? If you ask me I loved killing that bastard Uldren. Which brings us to this new cutscene that we stumbled on.

After completing the weekly bounty for the Blind Well we went to visit Mara Sov to hand in the Oracle. Since this is the third week of the cycle, when the curse is strongest, you’ll be able to jump through the Oracle Engine’s portal and visit Mara’s court, where usually, you can talk to her in person.


This is when things got strange. So It’s Your Boy Blake, Bingie and yours truly Carib Nerd got in and no Mara Sov. Didn’t pay that no mind we collected our loot and saw an image on the table. I got close to the table and there was a prompt saying lean closer. That is when we saw this new cut scene.

Talk about a twist! Uldren’s resurrection is a huge deal. The expansion began with Uldren murdering Cayde-6, one of the game’s major characters, and the first half of the expansion was all about hunting Uldren down and getting revenge. But we soon found out that Uldren was being manipulated by the Taken.

I am not sure if Mara Sov being absent could of had something to do with this. We have been getting hints that something was going down. We never knew exactly what it could of been but Uldren being a Gaurdian opens the door for a deeper story. 

A big lingering question is how this is going to affect the characters of Destiny 2. It sure looked like Petra was the one who pulled the trigger on Uldren, and Mara has always seemed a little weird about her brother’s possession and death. We also know that Guardians don’t remember their past lives, so will Uldren be a completely different person now? Will he still be the bitter jerk we knew briefly in Destiny 1 and in Forsaken? Will he remember how he wound up where he is in the first place?


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