Playstation E3 Event 2017

This year Playstation decide to play it safe. Absolutely no new announcements. It was all about the games. Most of these games was announced last year while some got that world premier treatment.




This is but just a few of the games Sony showcased. They also had some VR games that almost got my attention. 


We got to see the Spider-Man game play trailer with a surprise of Miles Morales at the end of the trailer. Which did had my spider sense tingle a bit. Then that was it.

My Thoughts

I couldn’t believe it. Sony always left a good taste in my mouth. Some how this felt empty. Is it me or Sony have gotten completely lazy. Did they decide to just wing E3 this year and go count their money. I was disappointed with what they had to offer. Most of the games they showed we already knew and probably saw enough of it to know what it will be like. For example the trailer with God of War or should I say..

Was expected. We all knew Kratos was coming back but it would of been good to hear a December or November release. Instead we have to wait until next year early 2018. Not that I am complaining but Sony could of done better. Not one talk about future plans. Not even a glimpse of upcoming backward compatibility list. Just “here some games.” Bye. Playstation you got an “F.”




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