Paladins is a Poor Man’s Overwatch

The clones are coming! The clones are coming! Paladins share so much similarities to Overwatch that it is painful to watch. I can understand riding the Overwatch hype train. But when you rip most of the characters play style and design it makes me wonder if they have no shame.

Hi-Rez defends the point that they had this in development before Overwatch was released but you can clearly see that Overwatch gave them some serious inspirations. You can test out the game for free right now on PC. Some even went as far to say this game is better than Overwatch. Personally I don’t think this game is in the same league. On Reddit they laid out that they are not a clone which in my opinion is just pulling straws. Either way this is another game for the FPS Team Arena Genre. Yes I am not a noob and will call it a MOBA.


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