Oh Sega what are you up to?

SEGA NEW PROJECT 0328 - Mozilla Firefox_001

So loafing on the internet near 2:00 am I saw this link about Sega doing a website teaser for a PS3 and PS Vita game. What is going on!! Was there a memo that was sent out about teasing websites with game releases on a certain date. I blame you PS4 for this new form of Hype train. But you know I will be checking this site out to see what they gonna be bringing out.

The background have grass. So it could be a sports game. Then it could be a new sonic. Well I know one thing is certain Japan is gonna be getting it first. Sadly no news for the Wii-U. I feel so sorry for nintendo right now…epic fail. So what do you have for us Sega? I hope this will be worth the wait!!

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