New Sailor Moon Announcement

Get Hyped!!! The fifth and final season of sailor moon will be getting an English dub and release. Viz media got the rights to produce the show a few years ago and despite some fans criticizing the new voices due to some serious rose-colored glasses, the studio has done a good job.

There’s a new take of the series that makes it different from the old one from the 90s. There’s no real localization and censorship of the more…adult themes like the relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. But anyway Stars is introducing some new characters called the Sailor Starlights who serve as some semi-antagonists.

The staff includes Stephanie Sheh who played Hinata in Naruto, Melissa Hutchison who played Clementine in the walking dead, Erika Harlacher who played Ann from persona 5, Sarah Williams who played Santamu from street fighter 5 and Carrie Keranen who played Satsuki from Kill la Kill.

Despite some minor technical issues with previous Blu Ray releases, I’m looking forward to this new cast. The formula for the show may be a bit tired in the fifth season but expect it to go out with a bang. It’s expected to release later this year.

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