New Playstation 5 Details

Hot off the press Sony dropped some heavy details about the PS5 in a corporate strategy presentation.

  • Backward Compatibility with PS4
  • Backward Compatibility with PS VR
  • All New CPU & GPU
  • SSD Hard Drive
  • 8K support
  • Ray Tracing
  • 3D Audio
  • Will Support Discs

Based on the report from Engadget here are some details about the PS5:

Even though the upcoming console will have similarities with the PS4, it will be powered by an all-new CPU and GPU. In an interview with Wired, lead system architect Mark Cerny said it will use a third-gen AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores and a custom GPU built on AMD’s Radeon Navi family. The GPU will support ray tracing, which is a rendering technique limited to high-end gaming PCs at the moment, and will provide the console with immersive 3D audio.
In addition, the PS5 will use SSDs for storage instead of hard drives. The SSD, along with its other components, lead to a significant speed bump: at the event, Sony showed how the PS5 is around ten times faster than the PS4 Pro when it comes to loading complex scenes.

What we don’t know is the price, date of release, the games coming with the launch and how the roll out for each country will be done. Knowing the tech giant details will be given sometime late this year or even next year. Sadly we won’t get any nuggets of info from E3 seeing how Sony skipped E3 this year. The hype train is definitely on the move.

Get more info from here and be sure to keep it locked to for more gaming news!


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