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A great show for girls and even the whole family!

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 For months, cosplayers around the world have been cosplaying the character “She-Ra” and like many others (I hope) researched who this character was. After researching, I found out that Sha-ra was a TV show, released in 1985 as a spin-off from He-man. She-Ra was the sister of He-Man and was meant to sell toys for Mattel. Well, I don’t know anything about this show and found out that there’s a remake of it on Netflix so I decided to check it out. In all honesty, the show reminds me of My Little Ponies but in human form.

The Shows Plot:

The show is about an orphan girl Adora, who was raised by the Horde after being kidnapped when she was an infant. Adora was one of the Horde’s best cadets and was promoted to Horde Captain. When Adora and her best friend Catra got the opportunity to experience a real battle the ‘evil’ princesses in their up and coming mission, Adora accidentally encountered a rebel group (princesses) shortly after discovering a mysterious sword within the Whispering Woods. When Adora touches the magical sword, it allows her to transform into a powerful warrior princess She-Ra.  She was later captured during the process. Since being apprehended by the rebels, Adora then experienced the horrors that were uncovered from her former life within the Horde after seeing the destruction they have caused within a nearby village. Forced in making a difficult decision, Adora left the life that she knew and joined the Rebellion. From that action, she left behind her best friend Catera. Who were once her allies and friends within the Horde are now her enemies, who were once considered as dangerous, are now Adora’s best friends. Her overall task is to unite all the magical princesses together, bringing balance to Etheria while fighting against Catera and the rest of the Horde army. Within her new life at Bright Moon, Adora discovers the true meaning of friendship and family.

The series showcases various themes but here’s a few I wish to highlight

Strong Female Characters:

I’ve grown up to the time where my first strong female anime characters came from Sailor Moon and this show allowed me to reminisce how I felt during my childhood.  Young girls can relate to the female characters of this show as She-Ra portrayed in the Netflix version is not the same version as seen in the 80’s. She-Ra is a young girl within her teens and goes through up and down rollercoaster emotions and learns what it means to grow up and having responsibilities.  In my option, this show showcase that when the going gets tough, girls can be just as strong, brave, confident and heroic as any male character and as an added bonus, the girls are powerful princesses, army captains, care-takers and so much more. What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? I mean common-, even Bow a male character in the series is a princess.

Friends come in all shape, sizes, and color?:

Let’s be realistic, most if not all girls have a certain image of what it means to be beautiful. The show showcases body positivity. You don’t have to be fair-skinned, tall and long hair to be considered beautiful.  There are princesses that are plus-sized, tall, short and even muscular. The show also portrays people of all different skin tones, ethnicity, and ages.

Teamwork means the dream work:

This is showcased consistently throughout the show.  As much as Adora/She-Ra tries to put the entire world of Etheria on her shoulders and often fail to accomplish various tasks on her own.  Her friends remind her that tough obstacles are possible whenever they work together as a team. An example of this was showcased when the Horde came close to invading Bright Moon. After a rescue attempt to save Princess Glimmer caused them to “lose” another fellow princess who the team thought died, the princesses got discouraged that working together was a bad idea and disbanded. However, when Bright Moon released their distress beacon when the Horde attacked, the princesses worked together and defended their fellow princess kingdom.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the show and as I said earlier it reminded me of My Little Pony (especially when they work together and this rainbow is pictured in the background) and Swift wind, is an alicorn (just as in My Little Pony). Seahawk reminds me of Sinbad and his overall appearance looks just like him in the Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and he is always seeking adventure. Lastly, there are elements that remind me of Sailor Moon especially with the transformations. As I said, I love it. It has comedy and silly moments. I enjoy watching the character developments and the complexity of friendship that were showcased, especially between Catera and Adora.  It would be a great show for any young girl to watch! I give the show an 8.5/10. Despite the awesome reviews I just mentioned, some parents might feel uneasy about some elements to this show as it showcases two male parents for Bow and the uncertain relationship between two princesses:  Spinnerella and Netossa as they are often seen together and holding hands. If you are okay with those scenarios then you’re going to love this show.

Have you watched She-Ra and the Princesses of Power yet? What do you think about it? Make sure to leave a comment below if this show highlights elements that were not captured in this article. 

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