Netflix’s Altered Carbon Review (Spoiler Free)

For all my Sci-fi, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Blade Runner loving fans this is a must watch. Altered Carbon is practically oozing with concepts, ideas, futuristic tech and my favorite cyber kung fu! I am a complete virgin to this series. This is based from Richard Morgan’s cyberpunk noir novel Altered Carbon.

Without giving to much of the story away death is a thing of the past. When you die, your consciousness can be transferred into a different body, or “resleeved,” making eternal life possible. So now you have a class of people called “Meths” that use their money to stay young and beautiful for ever. Now one of these “Meths” was murdered. He then brought back to life a soldier that only he can trust.

I watched every episode and I can guarantee this is binge worthy. Loved every episode. One thing one must know this isn’t for kids. There is tons of gore and sexual encounters. Lots of sex. Altered Carbon is like a soup of different shows all mixed in one. You have The Matrix, constant rain and neon signs like Blade Runner and ideologies from Ghost in Shell referring to your conciseness as a ghost. At times the pace of the show takes a U-Turn that does leave some gaps in the story but they do pull you back.


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