Neo Yokio Review

Neo Yokio is utter trash. Living in the BVI internet is a precious commodity. Wasting it on this epic turd of a show made me realize that those who stumble upon this on Netflix must be warned. I have an open mind to many different types of shows. Usually I ignore the antics of the main character real life struggles. Even when they wear female dresses or dress up as Batman while rapping. Hey I don’t hate. You do what you feel like. Free country and all. I am all for expressing one self.

Yes the main character is voiced by Jaden Smith. Did I mention also that it is made based off his ideals. Many who know me understand I will never say something is utter trash unless I watch it for myself. I won’t lie episode 2 was good. I had high hopes after watching episode two.

Which went straight back to utter crap. FAST. Somehow everything being said in this anime feels like a monologue of three different writers fighting for their time to shine. Sorry for the rant but just in case you want to know what Neo Yokio is all about let me see if I can sum it up for you.

This is Neo Yokio which is suppose to be a mix between New York and Tokyo. In all honesty it is basically New York in the future. The main plot of the show is that Neo Yokio is so classy that it attracts demons. Why? We don’t know.  So they invited demon hunters and exorcists to live there to get rid of these demons.

Kaz who is played by Jaden Smith is a descendant of said ancient wizards and he has super powers. He can fly and shoot hadukens. Which you only see in episode one and two. Literally after that is just him talking about fashion and upper class dribble. This show has no point.

You can’t say it is a parody of an anime because it isn’t funny. There isn’t any action. The main character is a selfish bastard. He only thinks about himself and fashion. I would even go as far to say that the people who made this show had no idea what they were doing. Don’t waste your time watching Neo Yokio. Nothing to see here.


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