NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Review



This is a series that definitely does not need to be on a yearly cycle, and most people who bought the original last year will find they have already had their fill.

Let me be clear. I don’t play much of any NBA 2K games. Although when it came to NBA Jam or any game related to that genre I was all over it. Growing up I couldn’t get enough of playing NBA Jam. So when I heard that 2K sports linked up with Saber Interactive I thought hey this could be a good relationship. I was so wrong.

Micro Transaction. That statement should send shivers down your spine. At the very start of the game I was introduced with the model to get more players I need to buy packs. Yes that is right. You’re hammered over the head with this notion, as you have to open up card packs to begin building up your roster. Pretty much the entire NBA league is locked unless you acquire cards and add them to your collection.

The core of the game hasn’t changed much from the first game. Although there’s a shot meter that can determine your success, and it’s fairly balanced so that bigger players have to shoot for the hoop, while three-pointers can be drained by those that have mastered them. (The meter will change in color from green to red, depending on their skill set.) Playing against the AI isn’t as bad this time around. Even when the AI steals the ball from you and make it to the hoop with ease. In a nod to NBA Jam, the ball catches on fire, and yes, you will automatically make a full court shot with the fireball. Power-ups can change the momentum of a contest dramatically, but they very rarely feel cheap.

This is a lackluster sequel. NBA 2K Playground 2 is nothing but micro transactions and an endless grind. Playing with friends does add to the replaybility but that is where the fun stops.


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