Naruto Super Fluff Shippuuden 407 Review

Finally some action. Albeit a fluff episode it had some good fights. This one here shows how even when you think you’ve reached your limit there is still more to go.

So we have Sakura, Ino and Choji walking through the desert. Then Ino sensed the enemy. Pretty cool if you ask me. She seem to be a real Jack of All Trades. Although sensing takes a while for her to sort out they came up with an ingenious plan for the fight. Which came in handy during the fight. Their opponent wasn’t a push over.

Preying Mantis Fighting Style


Hammer and Nail fighting Style…I think

So during the fight Ino really pulled through for the team. I won’t lie I thought she was useless. But she really pulled up her socks in this fight.

Daddy and his secret technique… Make babies.

Even though this is a fluff episode and just the chunin exams no one really got hurt. After the macth up they under a tent healing each other like dem is buddies. Sadly I suspect that these fluff episodes won’t be ending anytime soon. It is almost like they are going out of their way to drag this on. Hopefully in May we will see the end of these fluff and we can get back on track with some real episodes.



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