Naruto Red Beast Shippuuden 419 Review


Nothing much here in this episode. Just a little flash back of how Guy came to be the baddest tai-jutsu user ever!


His father Dai was a good father. He did everything he can to push Guy forward. Even though he was embarrassing at times he was also inspiring. His father was able to pass on something to him that taught him how to release the gates.


We even saw why Guy kept challenging Kakashi. Back in the day Kakashi was the star pupil and Guy was scrubbing it for a minute. Couldn’t do any ninjutsu but he listened to his father and excel his strengths. We see Guy doing laps and push ups constantly. Becoming more stronger.

Forward to the future and we see Guy releasing the Death gate. Yep. He gonna die. If he live through this it would be a miracle. Guy looking like he ready to die. Rock Lee bawling on the side. Don’t worry I bawling to. The next episode gonna be epic.


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