Naruto Rappuden Shippuden 429 Review

Last week we saw Tenten dream. Now we going for the number one rapper in the whole of the Narutoverse. I talking about Killer Bee!!! Yo fool! Talk about a spin on the fluff saga we have here. Now instead of seeing something totally non character we have something a little more believable. Just instead of the Jinchuriki being the tail beasts it is the other way around. Which shows how close Killer Bee and the Eight tails is.


In this dream Killer Bee is the leader of this mission to stop the Akatsuki. Thank God it isn’t an episode of him rapping about stuff. All the Jinchuriki is locked up in their respective villages. So you can see where this dream is going. Giving Killer Bee what he always wanted. To belong.

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I was waiting to see someone talk about Lady Tsunade huge breasts. Cause I know dem ting does be jiggling up and down. Even in his dream he couldn’t keep his eyes off it. Which brings a question. What if Pervy Sage was alive. What if we had to see his dream. OMG That would be beyond epic!!! Sex non stop.

So anyway this episode is just as useless as the last one. Oh look at that. There is a part two to this episode. Ugh… I don’t know why they doing this to me. Like they like to torture me. See you guys at the next fluff filled episode…Stay Frosty!

Just put me out my misery. Sasuke put me under your best Genjutsu...
Just put me out my misery. Sasuke put me under your best Genjutsu…


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