Naruto Chakra Pool Shippuuden 408 & 409 Review

Oh Sakura. This was all about the pink hair flat chest Sasuke loving girl. We basically got a good look at what drives her. I mean besides Sasuke she is really tried of being the damsel in distress.

Lady Tsunade broke it down for her very simple. She need to store up a chakra pool to do the healing regeneration justu. She had to be in a medatative state for 3 years. Dem is vibes. Sakura was fed up being the damsel in distress. I guess that is why she is pushing herself past her limits.

They bump into this demonic looking puppet and wicked looking puppet master. She don’t look like she is a push over. Dem ain’t even checking for scrolls. They straight up ready to kill. I take it they are there to assassinate Gaara.

This is the first time I see a puppet user doing the Mind Transfer Jutsu. That was a twist. I thought only a few people knew how to do that but it was funny to see Ino being controlled. I betcha she didn’t
see that coming.

These episode had a good amount of action. I know that it being a fluff could steer some of us away from watching these episodes. But I think this is a way to explain how Sasuke got stronger. We also see how Sakura became so strong at the Great Ninja War. On a real only dude that got strong without us seeing any training was Sasuke. I mean we see how Naruto trained with Jiriya. We never see the training being done with Sasuke. Either way this is a nice fluff episode with Sakura. It gave us a good refrence point for one of the major characters. Well anyway just counting down the days till these fluff episodes done. Till then stay frosty!



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