Naruto Bromance Shippuuden 400 Review

I can’t take it anymore…These fluff episdes just pushing me away. So anyway we back at the chunin exams. Rock Lee and Shira finally getting their “bonding” time. Rock Lee and his man crush really making it very weird. I can’t blame him. Both of them are the same. Can’t use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. Just Taijutsu.

Ah yes I remember when I got owned by Rock Lee
Rock Lee so fast not even ultimate defense could of kept up!

So we get a long back story about their struggle to be shinobi. Seriously. A fluff in a fluff episode. This is it. Wha really going on with this anime. I vex now. Sigh but since it is Rock Lee I will let this slide….

All in all nothing much here to talk about. Just two dudes getting real “close” because of their past struggle to be accepted. So the next episode Rock Lee will finally get a chance to fight someone just like him. I just want this fluff fest to get over with. I am getting real impatient right about now. I could care less about all of this.



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