My Hero One’s Justice Review



A Decent fighting game from the popular anime. Nothing more.

Fans of the hit anime / manga series will find this little gem an interesting take on their beloved series. One thing you will have to forgive is the name of the game. At first glance I thought it was a bootleg fighter. That all changed once I got my hands on it.

Like the Ultimate Ninja Storm titles, One’s Justice is an input-light fighter with 3-D movement set in a large arena. Characters can move around freely, as well as use various auto-aimed ranged and melee attacks to close the distance and set up air juggles. Normal attacks and “Quirk Specials” are easily accessed on the face buttons, and inputs rarely get more complicated than simply pushing the stick in a direction and hitting a key.

Filling a super meter lets a player toss out a “Plus Ultra” attack, which typically comes in two varieties that take up one or more “charges” of the super bar. For younger players and those who want an easier time, an “auto” mode will automatically string together basic combos, allowing players to just hammer the attack button repeatedly. Tellingly, this the default “Normal” setting, with a slightly trickier “Manual” mode letting more advanced contenders take advantage of cancels and other fun stuff.

That is where the fun ends. Many times I found myself doing a combo in an area that has a ring out and just combo my way to my own death. At times I felt like I was playing Smash Brothers. To add to the chaos when all the debris from special moves and supers fill the arena my PC fans started to sing like a canary. I can only imagine playing this on a PS4.

All in all this is a fun title. Nothing as deep as Soul Calibur 6. A great button masher for the kids and somewhat deeper strategy for the diehard fans who want to experience playing as their favorite characters.


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