My Hero Academia Season 3 Trailer

TOHO Animation, the company behind the production of the anime, has published the season 3 trailer for My Hero Academia (known in Japan as Boku no Hiro Academia). The trailer features the newest opening theme, “ODD FUTURE” by Japaneese rock band UVERworld.

My Hero Academia Season 3 will premiere on Saturday, April 7 5:30 PM Japanese time. Like season 2, the series is expected to be simulcasted on Funimation’s official website with English subtitles. Get this folks 24 episodes are slated this time around! WOOT!!!

I gotta say this is shaping up to be the anime to watch since Naruto and soon to be Dragon Ball Super have come to an end. Based upon the trailer we can assume that the class is someplace in the woods training and the villains like last time came to crash the party.

A movie is also in production. Little is known about it right now but all we know is that it will show the previously unrevealed past of a certain character from the series and will also feature the characters of the main character’s class.

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