Muted, Uriah – Weekly Webtoons Episode 8

Hey world, BVI Mermaid here. 

On behalf of Joye and me, we would like to apologize for the long break, it wasn’t intentional but during this time we do have amazing webtoon comics that you must check out. I’m here alone this week but Joye will be back soon. Show and send some love her way.

This week’s recommendation is “Uriah”, a thriller comic where a mysterious boy who  has a dangerous story to tell, however if it was only possible as he doesn’t seem to remember who is is. Follow this amazing comic through a journey of danger within the unknown. 

My second recommendation this week is called “Muted”, where a young witch is to preform her family’s ritual and once done correctly it would mean success, power and prosperity for her family. However when the ritual takes a turn for the worse, secrets and lies will start to tear the family apart. 

Let us know what you think about this week’s recommendation in the comments below and as always like and subscribe to our social media outlets and who knows maybe your recommendation might be featured in the next episode

Until next time guys


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