Marvel’s The Punisher Season 2 Review



The Punisher’s fight scenes and gun-slinging are top-notch. The action is bloody, brutal, and beautiful in its own special kind of way. Everything else was not so special.

The return of Frank Castle is here. Is this second season worth the binge? He avoided cancellation unlike his predecessors. What remains in my opinion is a more human approach to the Punisher we first saw. Honestly this is the season where he embrace his true calling.

If you ever watched the movie Logan and enjoyed it then this season will be right up your alley. It is like a slow burn. Frank isn’t the rage machine that fueled him like in the last season. He is more of a father figure this time around. It adds a new layer of tension to the show, as it makes the audience hold their breath to see if some new event will plunge Frank back into darkness. Amy’s presence also factors in, as she essentially becomes his new child and his new family of sorts, and he doesn’t want to lose her like the family he’s already loved and lost.

John Pilgrim. He is a new character that is like the wild card. A religious fanatic who stumbled into a war with Frank and Amy. On his body, faded tattoos beneath what appears to be an attempt to cover them up show that John Pilgrim, at one point, proudly displayed an Iron Cross, a Skull, and the image of a reichsadler on his body. These symbols are all associated with Nazi and Neo-Nazi iconography, and his history of violence suggests that while he may not as vocally interested in white supremacy as he was in the past, those beliefs still exist at his core.

What I Like

Every fight scene. The way Frank fights just feels so satisfying. If this will be the last season for the Punisher then this feels like a fitting ending.

What I don’t Like

Billy. He don’t look like someone who had his face smashed in. Sorry a few scars ain’t cutting it. He was more of a nuisance this time around. Everything about his character screamed lazy writing.

Final Thoughts

Season 2 of the Punisher isn’t the high octane series from start to finish. As I said it is a slow burn. The fight scenes and the violence keeps the fire going.


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