Marvel’s Iron Fist Review



Daredevil brought the action. Jessica Jones brought the sex. Luke Cage brought the struggle. The Iron Fist brought the tissues. This isn’t the Iron Fist. This is the Iron Issues.

Marvels’ Iron Fist didn’t shut down the internet like Luke Cage. The hype slowly came to full stop . This isn’t the Iron Fist that we all love and know from the comics.

Daredevil brought the action. Jessica Jones brought the sex. Luke Cage brought the struggle. The Iron Fist brought the tissues. I didn’t know what was more cringing, the constant reminder of Danny pissing and moaning about the death of his parents or the slow roller coaster ride of action. THIS IS THE IRON FIST! Danny isn’t a child crying about his parents all the time. He is the living weapon. Yet somehow the writers decided to make the mistake of making Danny Rand a temper tantrum boy with little to no idea of his skills.

We have poor writing when it came to the supporting cast in this series. Some returning faces like Claire Temple did add some continuity. Her role was a huge plus. They even did some nice nudges to Jessica Jones. Sadly we have the cliche spoiled son with daddy issues. Check. Sister covering for family short comings. Check. Neighborhood good girl. Check. In my opinion this adds nothing to the upcoming Defenders series. I would love to see the relationship with Luke Cage and Danny Rand. In the comic they are hilarious together. Somehow I don’t see that happening this time around.


Best fight hands down was with the Drunken Style master. I was thinking that they pulling out the stops with this one. Then as that fight was coming to a close we see the same whimpering little defenseless Danny. Sad.

Why couldn’t they take content from The Kaare Kyle Andrews version of the Iron Fist. We would of gotten a more mature Danny. Someone who can use more than ONE IRON FIST! That one hand fist thing was lame. Somehow I wasn’t impressed with the way they delivered one of my favorite Marvel Universe characters.

With the bar raised so high it was only a matter of time when the winning streak for Marvel’s Netflix series to catch an “L”. We did get a little glimpse of an Iron Fist getting on rude. Funny how his own best friend said he was the worst Iron Fist. I think that was a hidden message from the writers. It literally took about 5 episodes in just for everyone to accept that Danny is who he is. Which was boring. Then the lame


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