Lego Batman Movie Review

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Best Batman film in YEARS! The Batman movie we needed!

Lego Batman Movie is a masterpiece for both Fans and NON- fans alike. Once we got a taste of Batman in the Lego Movie I knew his debut solo movie would be just as humorous and entertaining. Expect to see many of your inside jokes on Batman through the years and also comic book related jokes.

The main plot of the movie is “Batman IS Gotham’s hero”. Singular. Only Batman. No one else. You see this point being drove home from the beginning. Basically as we comic book fans would know Batman wasn’t big on side kicks at first. So when Barbara Gordon became the new commissioner things had to change. Which you know ruffled Batman’s “feathers”.

“I’m fighting a few different people. I like to fight around”

Batman alienated everyone so much that even the Joker got burned by the Dark Knight. He was offended by Batman’s refusal to acknowledge him as his main adversary (“I’m fighting a few different people. I like to fight around”)  forcing him to take drastic measures to hurt the Batman. As we know this is a kids movie and a bit of humor is scattered here and there. Making it a Batman that won’t take itself seriously. For example while entering the Bat Cave they use a password which literally made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Even for the final battle we had cameos from every villain I can think of. Gremlins, Daleks, The Matrixs Agent Smith, Dracula, Godzilla, Sauron, Lord Voldemort and more!

This is the third time Batman has featured in a major cinematic release in the past 11 months. To be honest with all the bad press with the upcoming Live action Batman movie with Ben Affleck the fans needed something like this to remind us why we love The Batman.


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