Krypton Episode 1, 2 & 3 Review

With the DC TV series saturating the CW and Gotham on FOX it was bound to happen for Superman. This time on the SyFy network. Instead of a show about Superman, we explore the infamous planet Krypton. What is my impression of the show so far? I decided to wait for three episodes to write a proper review. Is it worth adding to your binge-worthy list?

Starting with episode one. The foundation episode of the who’s who. I won’t lie. It was boring. Nothing grabbed me initially. Basically Adam Strange came into play as he traveled to Earth to warn Seg-El about Brainiac’s arrival. Seg’s grandfather made claims of a world-killer coming to Krypton, but instead of them listening to his warning, they killed him and the House of El’s honor diminished. Seg did not want to believe the story, but after watching his mother and father getting murdered right in front of him and traveling to the Fortress of Solitude, he becomes fully committed to protecting his family’s legacy. So it didn’t start strong.

The second episode spent some time on revenge. Seg-El literally watched his family killed in front of him. His parents murdered by his girlfriend’s mom. Talk about an awkward moment. So we can understand the rage. Was it an episode worth watching. Kind of. I felt like Seg-El needs to hurry up and just get where we are in the story. I guess in my mind this episode served as a detour from the real threat. Brainiac is coming.

The third episode main drive involved Seg-El and Adam Strange searching for Brainiac’s sentry, a parasitic device that latches onto a host, while Lyta-Zod led her troops into the rankless to search out Black Zero members and sympathizers. The fact that Brainiac’s sentry was in the same area only complicated the matter for Seg, even more, putting him into potential conflict with Lyta. This episode picked up the pace considerably.

The story continues to be quite compelling through its examination of Krypton’s society and the two different plotlines intertwined very well here.The social tension is becoming more interesting and the characters all have this chemistry that is steadily growing on me. The third episode really did a good job showing us what it can be going forward and I have high hopes to see it all unfold.


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