Justice League: War Trailer

I have a lot of my friends pissing and moaning about the New 52. Some even told me that they are not even reading it. Well I will be the first to say I embrace the New 52. Some would argue in many circles that Marvel is better than DC. I choose not to get in that argument any more. For one reason. I got my butt handed to me many times fighting which character is better. Which brings me to this awesome trailer. I must admit the past couple movies from the DC been EPIC! Flashpoint!! That thing was deep! From time I heard the Dubstep in the background I knew this was gonna be a cool movie. Also what got me thinking is if they gonna do the new Batman and Superman movie will they base it off the new 52 series..Well either way this trailer reveals many awesome details that I personally am already loving! Batman FTW!!!!

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