Joker “Spoiler Free” Review



Joaquin Phoenix gave the performance of a lifetime! A Must watch! Believe the HYPE!!!

While at New York Comic Con the Carib Gamer team had the privilege to watch Todd Phillips “Joker“. So I know what you want to ask me, “Caribnerd was it any good?”. Did Joaquin Phoenix did the Joker any justice? Well can I write a review without spoiling it? Let’s find out!

Not Our Joker

With DC movies stinking all over the place Joker had a lot riding on it. This isn’t the “Heath Ledger” Joker we all use as a base for any comparison. Approach this as a separate universe. One thing is for sure the mannerisms are there. Even the iconic laugh. I definitely need to have it as a ring tone.


We begin with Authur Fleck. This may be Gotham City but it feels like New York back in the day. He is a damaged man struggling in a world with no super heroes. Where there is an economical apartheid. At any given moment a riot can erupt. People are less inclined to help and no one wants a clown. Yet Authur puts on a happy face when all he has are evil thoughts.

My Thoughts

The pace of the movie isn’t like Fast and the Furious. The first half takes us down a rabbit hole. Don’t lose focus and you will miss important details that will blow your mind coming close to the end. Trust me there are moments that will leave you gasping…. It is a satisfying feeling to see how everything comes together.

Every character played their part. From Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) to Sophie Dumond (Zazie Beetz aka Domino). This movie deserves all the awards. There is so much meaning in every scene that can spark multiple conversations. Do yourself a favor and watch the movie. If you are a Joker fan this will do you justice. If you are looking for a fluff DC movie with super villains and mediocre backstory do not watch this.


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