John Wick 3 Review



John Wick 3 continues the Gun-fu action but kicks it to another level. A somewhat awkward pacing but enjoyable ride of a movie!

The third installment to the John Wick franchise is a non stop action joy ride. There is violence. Lots of violence. John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum (which means “prepare for war” in Latin) starts off where the second movie left off. There is a bounty on John’s head. $14 million to be exact.

They tried to ambush Wick in a library’s quiet rare-books room, and he’ll crush your windpipe with a priceless old tome, then carefully replace it on the shelf. He’s a nice guy who wouldn’t murder anyone, if only people would stop trying to murder him.

Motorcyclists chase him while he’s astride a horse, and the horseman wins, because his horse is a martial-arts expert, too. Ninjas on motorcycles attack him, and his motorcycle prevails. With blades, fists, feet and whatever retro weapon he can grab, including smashing glass cases at a gun museum and searching for bullets that fit the gun. Wick dispatches his assailants in ways that never get visually boring.

The Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon)  bringing the judgment of the actions of John Wick 2

The pacing of the movie does get boring at times. Thankfully there is a sprinkle of action at key moments that wake you back up. My friend “It’s Your Boy Blake” had this idea that the “John Wick” chapters is an extension of the famous Matrix trilogy. So much so that at the end John Wick 3 I began to think that may not be such a far fetched idea.


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