Iron Banner Time!!! November 2017

Iron Banner is back and those running on the PC will get a chance to get that season 1 banner. This time around the mode is clash. Straight up team death match baby! No holding the zones. No confirm kills.

How to compete

To get involved in Iron Banner, you’ll need to finish Destiny 2’s campaign so as to meet Lord Saladin, the event’s director. You’ll also need to be level 20. Otherwise, there are no limitations: power levels no longer confer an advantage so Iron Banner is a level field, like regular Crucible and Trials of the Nine.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner loot

Like practically every other activity, Iron Banner rewards work on a reputation system. Iron Banner tokens will drop after every match, with more dropping if you win. You can earn additional tokens by completing daily milestones and daily challenges. Take your tokens to Lord Saladin, and you’ll get loot engrams when you rank up (it takes 20 tokens for one rank).

There’s also a seasonal Iron Banner milestone, which will grant you a unique emblem if you earn ten engrams across all your characters. Since this is the last Iron Banner of the season, this is PC players’ only chance to earn this emblem.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons

Iron Banner also has its own set of guns. They’re not very pretty, it must be said – most are moss-green reskins of existing weapons – but some have useful stats and perks. Console players identified some of the highlights during the last event, so keep an eye out for:

  • The Time Worn Spire (kinetic pulse rifle). Pulse rifles aren’t great right now, which means they’ll get a buff. When that happens, you’ll be glad you hung on to this – its stats and perks mean it can attain excellent range and stability, and it’s in the user-friendly fast-firing damage type. Pair with counterbalance mods for even better results. If you played the original, this is the closest you’ll get to Clever Dragon or Grasp of Malok for now.

  • The Wizened Rebuke (fusion rifle). Like the original Destiny’s Plan C Exotic fusion rifle, this gets bonus charge speed after you switch to it. Combined with its very high impact and decent range, this makes more viable than most fusions for PvP. You also get a choice to either extend its magazine or add yet more damage for a slower charge speed, which is probably overkill in PvP, but makes it a devastating option against bosses and majors in PvE.

  • The Steady Hand (hand cannon). The high impact hand cannon archetype isn’t desirable, but this is perhaps the best example in it. There’s a choice of two reload speed perks plus Outlaw, which makes for very snappy reloads on critical kills. A strong and fun pick in PvE, and a viable option in PvP especially on PC, where hand cannons are better than on console.

  • The Forward Path (auto rifle). A fast-firing auto with solid stats and best-in-class magazine size thanks to the extended mag perk. Hitting consistent headshots will make for very quick times-to-kill in PvP, and the tap the trigger perk – which grants bonus accuracy on the initial trigger pull – should make this easier. Pair with recoil mods for best results. If you’re a Titan, throw on Actium War Rig for an almost inexhaustible magazine – great for PvE.

On a side note this is when I usually get high lvl gear. Seeing how I haven’t played the raid as yet or even completed a Night Fall this is a great time to get some good gear. Time to GREEN UP!!!


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