Iron Banner Returns Season 4

The latest Iron Banner will last until the next weekly resetĀ from Tuesday, September 18 to Tuesday, September 25.

The mode this week is Control, and includes a reprised map – Convergence.

Here’s what’s different in Season 4 compared to previously:

  • Power levels matter again, meaning the higher your level, the more damage you’ll inflict (and more you’ll absorb). In previous years, this didn’t have a dramatic impact on the game, however – as long as you are close enough to your competitors, skill is always what wins out.
  • Iron Banner vendor Lord Saladin will offer weekly Bounties, which must be completed before the event is up. Each completed one will drop gear rewards, while two will offer Powerful Gear drops, helping you get to max level.
  • If you have Iron Banner Tokens from previous seasons, these can be cashed in for reputation packages.
  • Armour and two weapons will be available for purchase direct from the vendor.


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