Iron Banner Is Back!

It almost feel like the Banner was yesterday. To be honest The last Banner was insane!!! I got the god roll I been waiting for. This is what is going on for Iron Banner 7/19/16 to 7/26/16

Iron Banner Weapons


Both weapons being sold by Lord Saladin during this Iron Banner have excellent rolls. If you don’t receive a good drop from the event, there is nothing wrong with taking either of these and leveling up their Light.

Note that you also have a chance to receive other weapons as end-of-match drops, but with different rolls. This is the best way to obtain Iron Banner weapons in Destiny, as there is a chance for them to drop at high Light levels.

Name Type Perks Cost IB Rank
Weyloran’s March Sniper Rifle
  • SightSys SLS20 / Longview SLR10 / Tacsys SLS15
  • Grenadier
  • Armor Piercing Ronuds / Rifled Barrel / Oiled Frame
  • Hidden Hand
90 LM 4
Nirwin’s Mercy Pulse Rifle
  • Red Dot-OAS / Focus Lens FLA5 / Quickdraw IS
  • Counterbalance
  • Speed Reload / Braced Frame / Oiled Frame
  • Feeding Frenzy
90 LM 5

“LM” is short for Legendary Marks.

Iron Banner Armor

Here is the armor that is being sold by Lord Saladin in Destiny. Class Items and Helmets are the order of the day. Note that they all start with a Defense rating of 280, although higher level editions can drop at the end of matches. They can be infused to higher levels just like the weapons.

It’s also worth noting that PlayStation owners of Destiny will have the opportunity to get exclusive Class Items.

Destiny Iron Banner PlayStation Exclusive Gear


Name Class Max Stats Perks Rank Cost
Iron Companion Gauntlets Titan Discipline 44 /
Strength 43
  • Rain Blows / Momentum Transfer
  • Shotgun Loader
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Sleeves Hunter Intellect 41 /
Discipline 40
  • Fastball / Impact Induction
  • Scout Rifle Loader
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Gloves Warlock Intellect 45 /
Discipline 42
  • Energy Projection / Impact Induction
  • Auto Rifle Loader
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Greaves Titan Intellect 62 /
Discipline 62
  • Sniper Rifle / Rocket Launcher Ammo
  • Solar Double-Down / Second Wind
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Boots Hunter Intellect 42 /
Discipline 59
  • Shotgun / Rocket Launcher Ammo
  • Solar Double-Down / Second Wind
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Legs Warlock Intellect 57 /
Discipline 60
  • Sniper Rifle / Machine Gun Ammo
  • Void Double-Down / Second Wind
3 40 LM
Iron Camelot Gauntlets (PS Exclusive) Titan Intellect 30 /
Discipline 31
  • Rain Blows / Momentum Transfer
  • Sniper Rifle Loader
3 40 LM
Iron Camelot Grips(PS Exclusive) Hunter Intellect 32 /
Discipline 29
  • Fastball / Impact Induction
  • Hand Cannon Loader
3 40 LM
Iron Camelot Gloves(PS Exclusive) Warlock Intellect 30 /
Discipline 28
  • Snap Discharge / Momentum Transfer
  • Pulse Rifle Loader
3 40 LM

Just to let you know this time around it will be control matches. So Titans get that bubble ready. Time to hold those control points if you want to win!


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