Henry Cavill Leaves Superman Role

Breaking News! Henry Cavell is stepping down as DC’s Superman. Cavill is stepping away as the most important player for the Justice League. Come on! Lucky for us Gal Gadot will reprise her role as “Wonder Woman” for the fourth time in “Wonder Woman 1984” set for 2019, Jason Momoa will headline “Aquaman” this December and Ezra Miller is reportedly still on board for a “Flash” movie due to shoot in 2019.

This news came right after Netflix announced that Henry Cavill will star in the eight-episode series “The Witcher” based on the popular book and video game franchise. He’ll play Geralt of Rivia, the most epic monster hunter that ever lived.

The Hollywood Reporter also reported that negations for Cavill to appear in the upcoming movie Shazam “broke down” due to scheduling conflicts. WHOA! The same thing happened with the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout. Seem that the man of steel is in high demand. It is also worth noting that Ben Affleck isn’t reprising his role as Batman. DC movie universe just can’t catch a break.


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