GIRL GEEK GRIND: 5 Things to Make A Gamer’s Girlfriend Gift-worthy

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Welcome to another moment in the mind of Joye Styk with this week’s GIRL GEEK GRIND: 5 Things to Make A Gamer’s Girlfriend Gift-worthy

As we are in the first days of February, girlfriends and wives all over the world are through pretending that Christmas presents still count (FYI – they don’t). They’ve moved on and are strategizing to get that perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Now, my female side feels like I owe the other breast-bearers of the world loyalty while my gaming and geek genes are committed to giving it to the Carib Gamer Community. So let’s pretend that I believed that the stars could somehow influence my awesomeness and say that my being a Gemini gives me the right to have more than one view point on anything. Now that we are all in agreement, I want to do a top 5 list to help the non-gamer girlfriends out there…and by extension give love to the gamers and geeks that are dating them.

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So in no particular order…here are “5 Things to Make a Gamer’s Girlfriend V-Day Gift-worthy”.

1. GET A HOBBYYour gamer has a hobby; and while E-Sports is an actually thing where you watch people play, he probably doesn’t want you sitting next to him every time he picks up a controller. Catch up on your reading , watch those backed up guilty pleasure movies, almost anything can be a hobby…even shopping; however, if you are not funding his hobby I would seriously reconsider asking him to always fund yours.

Games are wonderful things that no gamer believes is reserved for children. It is not a “cute hobby”, a “waste of time” nor something that brings him embarrassment. In your attempt to show interest, don’t ask him about his “little games”. Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry enjoyed by some of the best minds in the world and your gamer exists in that world. So next time his special edition game comes with a battle replica, remember not to ask if you can give it to some child you know.

A truly great game will make you forget that food exists. Taking a break to do mortal things like eating and sleeping are secondary to a hard-core gamer. Bonus points are easily yours if you master the art of one-handed foods. Make a plate of things that your guy can lift with one hand and put it within arm’s reach if you notice he’s beyond taking breaks. If you want to be a superstar, don’t forget a hand towel. Saucy fingers are not a valid excuse for failing your team online.

Children get gifts for making Santa’s nice list…and like your gamer…you are not a child. The only thing Gamers share with children is the ability to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds and situations. Blessing or curse, video game vixens tend to be developed on the sexy side and Gamers spend a large amount of time in those fantasy worlds. Embrace it and remind your guy of his real-world level up and I assure you that being put on the naughty-list has secret achievement points you’ll both be happy earning.

I’m going to share a secret that men may not want you to know. Ready. They like gifts too. Personally there are many games to look forward to this year (Injustice being one) but if you can’t tell one next gen console from another, afraid you will buy the incorrect version or don’t want to ask him what he really wants…maybe you like giving surprises; you can always play it safe and buy a points card. Just take a peep at what his device says and hit Amazon or one of the other big sellers for a points card for that console. He’ll know you put the time in if you get them for the right console, just make sure it’s more than $50. or he can’t get the game he’s counting down the release too.

So that’s my starter guide to a happier relationship between gamer guys and non-gamer girls. If you’re already checking all five boxes then I’m happy for him as a gamer and proud of you as a woman. If you are full on geek, shout it proudly in the comments so I can acknowledge your Goddess status and if you’re not…well…I am here every week so…maybe I could help you with that.


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