Gears of War 4: Game to Watch

Now I have been an avid fan of Gears of War for a while. Owning every copy since it graced its presence on the Xbox 360. Gears of War Judgment didn’t really do the series justice. It wasn’t bad nor was it good. It was just that. This time around with Gears of War 4 they went back to their roots. What made Gears of War what it is? Dark and full of suspense. I never forgot the feeling I got playing that game for the first time. After watching this trailer called “Tomorrow” I got that feeling again…

Those wondering who the main protagonist is….that’s right. JD Fenix. The son of Marcus Fenix. This will be 25 years after Gears of War 3. I can already see that the story will be very gripping and dark. We will get to experience this new and epic tale October 11, 2016 Exclusively on Xbox One.┬áThe Gears of War 4 beta starts on April 18 for people who have played Gears of War Ultimate Edition, while all Xbox Live Gold members will get to jump in starting April 25.


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