Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review

BVI Mermaid here and I’m going to recap last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. It was an amazing journey watching each one of our favorite characters developed from their innocent days to now fierce characters. I will miss the show. So here’s a recap on the season finale! I will try to go through this as quick as I can. 

The scene opens up to Tryion overlooking at the destruction his Mad Queen has caused on the place he once called home. Digested by the sight among the ash and smoke he sees the bodies of many women and innocent children. Alongside him were Jon, Ser Davos and a few men from the North. As Tyrion continues to move forward, he wanted to scout the city alone. The place he went too was inside the Red Keep to verify wither his plan he plotted with his brother Jaime was accomplished. However, as he got inside, mountains of rocks and bricks covered the entrance, leaving a small hole to the top. As he made his way through the pile of rubble, he eventually discovered his brother’s golden hand and as he continues to remove the rocks, where he finally found them, his siblings’ lifeless bodies. Heartbroken by the sight he cried. 

This hurt me as I think Cersei (who was the ultimate evil) deserved a more glorifying death. However, what better way of dying than to be in the arms of the one you love. It was truly a Romeo and Juliet’s death.

As Jon and Ser Davos continue scouting the city, Greyworm too has joined into the mad queen state as he was found sentencing the last reminding soldiers to die. The war was over, they won but the thirst for blood still remains.  To him, the war was not over until everyone who served under Cersei draws their last breath as they were orders given to him by their queen. Concerned about what’s happening, Jon walks away and goes to find Daenerys. As he left, Greyworm continued with the death sentence.

Jon moves forward and eventually ends up outside the Red Keep and we see the Targaryen banner hanging outside.  At that point, Daenerys enters as she is seen flying in on Drogon. As she walks closer to overlook her new death city, Drogon spreads his wings as Daenerys silhouette continues to walk. Angelic she looks, more like an Angel of Death who is waiting to spread destruction onto the world. She first thanked her armies for defeating her enemies and delivering what they promised her and ridding Kings-Landing from the grips of a ‘tyrant’ aka Cersei (how Ironic of her for saying such a thing when she too is now a tyrant). She named Greyworm her commander and Master of War and continues talking in valayrian to her armies.

Tryion enters, furious for what has taken place and approached Daenerys. She informed him that he committed treason for releasing his brother and Tyrion snaps back at her and told her that she slaughtered a city after they surrendered. Tyrion stated he no longer wishes to be her hand and was arrested. All Jon could have done was look on. Before Daenerys too walked off, she and Jon exchanged looks but no words.

Arya then enters the scene as surprised by Jon. She told her brother/cousin to be careful as Daenerys will kill him seeing that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. She also stated that she knows a killer when she sees one.

The next time we saw Tryion, he was in prison. Jon visited him and as jovial as Tryion can be, he asked Jon if he brought wine. He continues talking about how he caused the death of his closest friend, the deaths he committed to betraying his queen. Although he’s reflecting on his life, he confirmed that he would do it again. Then watches Jon and ask him if he would have done what Daenerys did. Of course, Jon doesn’t want to say anything ill or betray his queen but Tyrion, the clever man that he presses further stating, “Everywhere she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it,” Tyrion says. “She believes her destiny is to build a better world for everyone… If you truly believed it wouldn’t you kill whoever stood between you and paradise?” Jon then sits and contemplated on his Tyrion’s words. Tyrion continues telling in a sense to look past the love phase as Daenerys was a self-deluded manic and she would reap havoc throughout the seven kingdoms and would kill anyone who stood in her way.

Eventually, things made sense to Jon and he went to find Daenerys for one last time before killing her. Seeing Drogon in the scenes to follow was heartbreaking as he seems to sense when something went wrong with Daenerys.

An emotional Drogon

His screams were heard in the background as he got closer to where Daenerys was and walked closer, looking around, steering at Jon and then finally sniffing her body. He tried waking her up but failed. You could see the anger within him. Drogon was so furious! As he was ready to blast fire (At this point, I thought he was going to attack Jon. In a sense, I was kind of disappointed as I wanted to know if Jon was also a Dragon like his aunty. I guess Drogon didn’t want to put that theory to the test) he quickly shifted his head and burned the Iron Throne instead. The metal from the swords melted onto the floor. Dragons may have been loyal to the Targaryen family but Drogon was extremely loyal to his mother. Drogon then took up Daenerys lifeless body and flew away.

Weeks later, Tryion was ushered out to the dragon pit by Greyworm. In attendance were the senior lords throughout the Seven Kingdoms who were to discuss the future of the Unsullied Prisoners. Of course, Greyworm wants both of the men to die especially Jon for killing their queen. Tryion explains to him that it’s not for him to decide what happens to them but for the new King or Queen. He asks the council to pick one. Eventually, Tyrion nominated Bran to be the next ruler due to his abilities to know all as the Three- Eye raven. Everyone accepted Bran, all except Sansa agrees. Sansa stated that the North will remain an independent Kingdom as they always have been. With a unanimous decision, Bran was named King Bran the broken and ruler of the now six Kingdoms. Rulers are now chosen not by their birthright but by noble houses.  Bran named Tyrion his hand and Jon’s fate was to go back to the Knight’s Watch. Included in his punishment Jon was forbidden from marrying and having children. With that, the Targaryen family legacy will come to an end. (that sucks. I hate that has to be Jon’s faith)

As Jon heads back to Castle Black, the Starks say their last goodbyes to him. Arya told him that she wouldn’t be visiting him not because she’s a girl but she is venturing West of Westeros and the Unsullied boarded a ship and was on their way to the Isle of Narth.

As the episode draw closer to an end, we see poor Brienne reading about Jaime and writing about his death.
Sansa is now Queen of the North
Arya is on a ship and is now off on her adventure
Tyrion, Sam, Brienne and Bron are part of Bran’s council. Bran asks about the whereabouts of Drogon and informs them that he will locate him.
Jon reunited with the Knights Watch and meets Tommound and Ghost at Castle Black.

The ending scene shows Jon, Tommound, Ghost and the other wildlings heading north of the wall, smiling and being happy.

And with that, here concludes the season finale of Game of Thrones.

They look like a Cell Phone signal…

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