Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review

We are often reminded over and over again not to cross a Targaryen. In episode 4, when Varys was worried about Daenerys state of mind, we are reminded again about their madness as it states “every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin. Daenerys’ father, Aerys II aka the Mad King was the prime example of how fragile their mental state can be as he is known for burning his enemies alive and attempted to destroying Kings Landing with wildfire. By these outrageous acts, it costs the Targaryen family dearly as it nearly whipped out their entire household. Well in this latest episode, the coin which was spiraling for some time for Daenerys has finally landed and it landed on the same side as her beloved father.  Daenerys finally snapped. She lost so much when she entered Westeros, her two children (the dragons), the death of  Jorah, learning the person she loved is heir to the Iron Throne and his identity is spreading faster than wildfire but the straw the finally broke the camel’s back was losing Missandei. 

The scene opens up at Dragonstone. Daenerys is mourning and refuses to eat. Varys is concerned and asks his little spies to ensure that Daenerys ate something Is he trying to poison her? Imcurious as the little girl responded, “I think her guards are onto me.”) Well, this didn’t deter the Master of whispers as he was busy writing all about Jon and his true identity on a scroll. Varys even approached Jon and tried to convince him to make the claim to the Iron Throne. While all of this was happening, Tyrion informs the queen about Varys betrayal which in the end, cost Varys is life. He was burned alive by dragonfire.

After the whole ordeal, Jon went to check on his beloved aunt and seems as if he broke up with her. Why wouldn’t he? She’s starting to show her crazy side and witnessed her killing one of her closest advisers. His presence being there doesn’t even help since she knows that Jon went against her and told his family about his true identity and she doesn’t let him forget that she warned him what would happen if he talked about it “Far more people here love you than me, I don’t have love here. I only have fear.” Jon proclaims his love for her but only as queen and then with a cold look from her eyes she then says, “Let it be fear.”

In the throne room at Dragonstone, Daenerys meets with Tyrion and Greyworm where they formalize their plan of attack at Kings Landing. He asked his queen to stand down whenever she hears the bell. That means that the Kingdom surrenders. As Tyrion was about to leave, she informed him that they have Jaime. He was trying to get past the guards in order to reach Cersei.  She then threatens him and said, “The next time you fail me, will be the last time you fail me.” From that, what does Tyrion do? betrays her. He went to the place where Jaime was held and releases him. Tyrion future instructed Jaime how to enter into Kings Landing without being noticed and outlines a plan for him to escape with Cersei and start life anew together in Essos. Both brothers then said their final goodbyes.

The final battle begins as the Golden Army stood outside waiting to see who would make the first move. Who was it? Daenerys and Drogon of course as they attacked Euron’s fleet and burned them all in Blackwater Bay. From this point on, the slaughtering of many in the gates of Kings Landing begun. Watching on from the Red Keep, Cersei isn’t worried as she is confident in Euron and in her soldier’s abilities. “Euron has taken down a dragon before, he just needs one good shot.” “The Red Keep has never fallen. It won’t fall today,” she proudly proclaimed. She quickly realizes her statements were not true as the onslaught continued. Of course, the fighting began with the guards and soldiers but when the bells of surrender began to ringing the rage built up within Daenerys as she flew around the city with Drogon once more and burned many innocent people alive. It was a massacre. Even Greyworm joined in and continued to fight. The thirst for blood and vengeance filled the air. At the moment, Jon is shocked to witness the madness that has overtaken his beloved queen and pulled his man back. Our once beloved charter, Daenerys Targaryen, breaker of chains has become the queen of Ash as no it seems as if none of the citizens survived her rampage. 

On his way to save his sister, Jaime encounters Euron by the waterside and he begins fighting Jaime. Euron who somehow manages to consider himself as a King just because he slept with the queen stated: “If you kill another king before you die, they’ll sing about you forever.” This fight seems like a dream come true to Euron as he manages to stab Jaime within the chest and leg. However, Jaime had the final blow which killed Euron.

Back in the capital, Arya and the Hound are also bloodthirsty for Cersei and the Mountain’s death. As they casually walk into the gates of the Red Keep, Drogon is flying above, breaking pieces of the Red Keep comes crashing down. The Hound who wants to ensure the safety of Arya to the end, instructs her to turn back and save herself, which she did. The Hound did eventually meet up with Cersei, Qyburn and the Mountain. After the Mountain saw him, he was ready to leave Cersei side and fight. Qyburn ordered the Mountain to defend Cersei and to stay by her side but the Mountain wasn’t having it. Qyburn got his head smashed and Cersei then left the two to battle.

Here begins the best scene in the episode.  It was a glorious battle of brut muscle power. When the Hound finally unmasked his brother, we got to see what he looked like under the mask. Seems like every lethal blow the Hound hit him with didn’t have an effect. Even a dagger in his face didn’t seem to work. Eventually, the Hound charged towards his brother, breaking through the walls of the Red Keep and landed straight into the fire. 

As Cersei left the Mountain, she started to panic as the walls around her came crashing down. It was the first time we actually got to see her vulnerable side. Jaime then found her and lead her beneath the city where they were trapped, unable to escape. The destruction caused by Daenerys and Drogon above are caused the ceiling and walls to collapse and like Romeo and Juliet, Cersei and Jaime got the ending they’ve always wanted as nothing else seem to matter but them. 

Above ground, Arya is trying to escape the hell that falls upon the burning city. Everything was chaotic as people were killing each other, tramping on one another and trying to have their last dose of pleasure in trying to rape someone. With every twist and turn, Arya encountered fire and fallen buildings. Upon escaping, a woman and her child tried to help her to avoid the devastating attacks of the angry Daenerys and Drogon. However, they too fell victim to the flames and were burned alive. Later, we saw Arya rising from the ashes and looking on to the destruction that occurred before leaving the city and horseback.

This episode had its marvelous moments. The battle yes! Cersei’s death…NO!!!! This is unfair. This, not the end I’ve pictured for Cersei. Honestly, I don’t want to believe that she died because of rocks. I want to believe Jaime and her are somehow safe and hiding under that dragon’s skull. Common writers. How can Arya survive from all the fireblast that rained upon Kingslanding and survive? Not only her but a horse. This writing seems to rush off and one-sided. I know we all like to say good will always prevail but this is pure nonsense. 

Anyways, let me know what you guys think of this episode. Only one episode remains. Do you think History is repeating itself? Would Jon be considered as the queen slayer and rule the Seven Kingdoms? What would Sansa say when she learned of what happened in Kingslanding? Where is Tyrion? Who are the green eyes

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