Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Review

It wasn’t enough that George RR Martin ripped a whole in our hearts when we’ve witnessed the deaths of our favourite characters but he pulled extra hard on our heart strings in this latest episode. Wondering what Im talking about? You have to continue reading to find out more. 
The army of the North won the battle against the terrifying Knight King and his dead army. Everybody is celebrating this momentous victory and what better way to celebrate than with a feast and booze.

But before they celebrate, our heroes paid their respects to the fallen soldiers one last time before setting their corpse on fire. The celebration commenced in the dinning hall. Everyone was smiling, laughing and bonding that they were the fortunate ones to survive. Tyrion, Podrick, Jaime and Brienne were even play drinking games. Everyone is there, except Arya. Gendry noticed her absence and went out to look for her but not before Daenerys turned her eyes on him. 

Surprisingly to everyone, she proclaimed Gendry as a Baratheon. He’s no longer a bastard child but now a Lord! Yeah for him ! And…. she generously handed over Storm’s End to him. With this EXTRA boost of confidence, Gendry quickly finds Arya and proposes to her. However, we all know Arya is not the type of person who considers herself to be a “lady”, being inside of a castle, being tended too and wear pretty dresses all day. Uh, no thanks! she rejected his proposal and to soften the blow, she told him, “Any lady would be lucky to have you… but that’s not me.”

Back in the dinning hall, things got a bit weird as Daenerys (who is trying to win the hearts of the Northerners) praised Arya, even calling her the hero of Winterfell, but then her eyes turned to the reactions of the people who are giving Jon praises. Tormund and the others were referencing Jon’s bravery during the battle (did I miss this bravery Tomund is refering too? Jon was pretty useless in this fight) and spoke highly of him for riding a dragon. According to Tormund, who else would do that a mad man or a king?
The camera then focused on Daenerys and the darkness within her eyes grew. Jealously? Greed? Power Driven? all of the above? Who knows but Varys noticed the slight change in her and so his concerns about her state of mind. Varys confronts Tryion about it.

After all the fun and feasting was over, Daenerys wishes to press on and head for Kingslanding. However, Sansa warned her against it, and insisted that her men and her dragons rest and recover. This is a rational statement which makes sense doesn’t it? Why would you want your tired army go into another battle so soon?  Daenerys who has issues with Sansa, brushes her off, ” I came here and helped you and now you dare suggest that we let the fighters in our armies rest?” Jon also backs up Daenerys stating the North has pledge their support to her and so their promise will be kept. Shocked by his response, he was cornered by Sansa and Arya who wishes to speak with him.

Before I explained what occurred with the Starks, lets take it back a bit. Daenerys approached Jon wishing for things to be how it was before between them and begs Jon to keep his identity a secret. Basically, Jon told her that he owes it to them to tell them the truth and they all could live happily ever after but Daenerys doesn’t see that happening. She wants the world to only know that there’s one Targaryen alive and thats her. If the world learns about Jon/Aegons identifty, he poses a stronger claim to the Iron Throne, not to mention, he’s a male and for some reason to them, men are more fit to be rulers than women who are filled with emotions. Yeah, I remember your male rulers Westeros, remember Joffery the tyrant. What a fine King he was.
Anyways, did Daenerys liked Jon’s response? No! Does Jon listen to Daenerys and adheres to her advice? Of course not! The Starks met up in the Godwoods where Jon instructed Bran to reveal his true heritage to Sansa and Arya and ask them to keep the secret to themselves. Do they listen? Hell no! Sansa was the first rat to squeak, running her mouth to Tyrion. A secret which only two knew about, now eight people are aware of it. According to Varys, its no longer a secret anymore, its information.

Back at Winterfell, the Lannister brothers are bonding again over a few drinks. There’s talks about girls and mentions of Jamie being with Brienne. (oh yeah, they shacked up after the drinking game!) Yeah!

Their conversations were quickly interrupted by Bronn. Yup, he finally made it to Winterfell and with the gift Cersei gave him, the crossbow! Jamie recognizes it immediately and questioning him about it. Shortly after, Bronn’s threatening presence turned violent as he shot an arrow towards Jamie (intentionally missed) and punches Tyrion(not the nose). He then made a proposal to the Lannister brothers and stated he would join them if they defeat Cersei. He wanted a noble title and Tyrion even offered him Casterly Rock before Bronn agreed to the terms and disappears again.

Okay, there goes our heroes who are heading to Kings Landing. Arya and the Hound are travelling together once again and Daenerys  army are taking the route by sea, while she rides on Drogon with Rhaegal trailing behind. Jon wishes everyone their final goodbyes as the Wildlings are heading back North. Sam and Gilly are leaving too and shes pregnant! They wish to name the baby after Jon if its a boy! 

Things seem to be going according to plan so or Daenerys thought as multiple (3) arrows sprung into the air and killed Rgaegal. Daenerys is down to her last dragon. This hurt me yet puzzled me. Daenerys is on Drogo and is flying high in the sky and somehow, was blind to noticed Euron’s fleet waiting for them? I think all of this could have been avoided if 1) she actually listened to Sansa and allowed her people and the dragons to recuperate and 2) why wasn’t she paying attention to where she was flying. She has a bird’s eye view. I’m not sorry for saying this but this was carelessness on her behalf. You have/had three fierce dragons. Her father who also had dragons managed to rule the Seven kingdoms with them and they were suppose to be hard to kill, but yet they are being wiped out easily like mosquitoes.  But the carnage didn’t end there, Euron Greyjoy who ambushed Daenerys fleet in the channel sending multiple arrows in their direction, taking down their fleet and somehow managed to kidnapped Missandei in the process. 

Daenerys is already in an emotional state with the loss of her friend and long time companion Juriah, witnessing the praises Jon is getting, losing another one of her children and now, a missing Missandei.  Euron claimed victory and reports back to Cersei where she then confirms to Euron that she is with child and passes it on as his. Umm what! I must say, Cersei is one clever lady! Why question the true parentage of her children when her alleged husband is no longer around. If she somehow managed to get pregnant and there were no suitors then all the rumors that were circling around her being with her brother would be true. 

As Daenerys and the others regroup, she ignores the advise of her counselors. She wishes for the people to see the evil for what Cersi is and revolt against her. As if that would happen. The people of Kings Landing are well aware of the evil that Cersei is but Cersei doesn’t care. They don’t like her and she don’t like them but as least the people knows her. Tyrion and Varys grow wary of their queen and was contemplating who would be better suited for the Iron Throne Jon or Daenerys. Tyrion wishes for the two to unite and rule together and Varys made a good point that Daenerys technically wears the pants in the relationship lol. He also stated what I said earlier that Jon was the rightful heir to the throne and the sole fact that he’s a male, people will follow- sad!

Back at Winterfell, Jamie learns about the attack on Daenerys ship. Sansa then told Jamie  “I always wanted to be there when they executed your sister. Seems like I won’t get the chance.” I guess the tone of her voice sent chills down his spine as he left Brienne and Winterfell and headed for Kings Landing. What is he planning to do? Is he going to try to save his beloved sister from Daenerys? Would he try to make love to her one last time/ say his goodbyes? or is he going to kill Cersei himself?  Is Maggie the frog’s prophecy being fulfilled?

Back at Kings Landing, Cersei and her army are behind the city gates with Missandei who is in bondage. As negotiations begin, Qyburn and Tyrion discussed their queen’s demands but they both wouldnt submit. Tyrion understanding the situation and what Daenerys would want to do, walked up to his sister and pledges with her. Tyrion even played on her emotional ties to her children who she would do anything for. “If not for yourself then for your child. Your reign is over, but that doesn’t mean your life has to end. It doesn’t mean your baby has to die. (Hold up, now, if I was Euron, I would be looking at Cersei suspiciously as she just told him that she was pregnant and here comes Tyrion who was at Winterfell and he also knows that Cersei is pregnant! Doesn’t it seems fishy Euron?- Oh well! ) Being the cold-hearted bitch that she is, Cersei wanted to prove a point to Daenerys and instructed the Mountain to execute Missandei who says “dracarys” before her beheading.  

Paralyzed  after witnessing the death of another friend, Daenerys walks away with rage while Drogon screams in the background somewhere.

Let the battle for the Iron Throne begin.
That wraps up episode 4 guys. Only 2 episodes remain! Keep it locked to for all the latest information on Game of Thrones as well as other content we have to offer.
Until next time guys.

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