Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review

Winter is finally here!! The white walkers and wights have reached to Winterfell in what would be a bloody massacre for those who represents the living.

Before, I go on with what happened in the episode, have you noticed how dark this episode was? It was literally hard to see what was happening. As far as I know and was once explained by Bran, the Knight King wants to bring an eternal night to the world and they sure did show us a glimpse of what was to come. If this bothered you, try adjusting the settings on your television screen.

Opening the scene, we saw the soldiers waiting outside the gates of Winterfell for the wights to attack, however, who approached them first was Melisandre on horseback. Before, entering inside Winterfell, she equipped the Dothraki army’s weapons with fire. Now they too have flaming swords like Beric. One by one, each Dothraki’s sword lighted up and it was amazing sight. Once, equipped, the Dothraki charged into the dead of night. The battle between good and evil, the living versus the dead has finally began. As the two army collided with one another, you could only image the amount of blood shed that occurred. Slowly, one by one, the flames of the Dothraki’s sword started to fade until what was left was pitch darkness. Oh no! Not a good sign for the living. Slowly, we saw soldiers retreating and one of the ways to hold back the wights were to use fire. Daenerys and Jon were riding Rhaegal and Drogon, burning all the wights that they encountered and also created a fire barricade to keep them out.  This halted their movements for a while but the dead eventually outsmarted them and managed to breech the walls.

There were swarms of wights everywhere. Our heroes faced death bravely and took out many wights in the process. Where as some (the Hound for example) was ready to give up, petrified by his surroundings of Fire and death, he managed to find a new sense of determination to continue to fight after seeing Arya, a little pip-squeak as he often called her are defeated wights left, right and center. Other hero’s found strength battling and protecting each other as a team such as Jamie and Brienne and others used stealth to massacre their opponents.  

As for Daenerys and Jon, they were battling the wights with dragon fire in the air. As the Night King entered the scene with the dead Viserion, both Drogon and Rhaegal started to attack in the foggy night. It was a fierce battle between the dragons as flames (both blue and red) were fired among one another. Pieces of the dead Viserion face and body were thrown about the place thanks to Rhaegal but they eventually managed to knock off the Night King from Viserion and landed on the ground unscathed.

Daenerys spotted where he landed and blasted him with dragon fire. However, as the flames died down, it had no affect on him, he remained untouched. The Night King grabbed his spear and tried taking down Drogo but failed. Witnessing what happened, Jon rushed towards the Night King, but was welcomed and surrounded by a hoard of his fellow men that once fought besides him. 

So many of the characters died which included nearly all of the Dothraki army, unsullied soldiers, Jorah Mormont (Killed by the Knight King when protecting his queen) , Lyanna Mormont (bones were crushed but managed to defeat the giant wight), Theon (protecting Bran), Melisandre (her purpose was fulfilled), Beric (protected Arya) and Dolorous Ed (saved Sam). Even some of the citizens who were held in the crypt died as a few wights (dead Stalk members) burst out of their tombs after managed to burst out of their tombs after being brought back to life as wights by the Night King.  

As the fight continues as the Night King, the white walkers and the wights are headed  towards the Godwoods towards Bran and at his side, Bran’s line of defense are Theon and some men from the Iron isles. The men fought bravely and one would think that they won when all the wights were defeated and only Theon was left standing. That is when the final boss appeared. Bran thanked Theon and said he was a good man before he raced head first towards the Night King before he was stabbed with his own spear.  It was a victory for the Night King and his army. All hope was lost as his reinforcements kept growing with every dead member from the living. Both Bran and the Night King faced each other and as he was about to slay Bran,

Arya leaped from the darkness towards the Night King. He grabbed her by her throat, Arya dropped her knife, caught it with her other hand and stabbed the Night King through the chest and burst into millions of pieces of ice.  The Night King and his army were defeated as they all fell in the icy snow one by one. 

Speaking of icy snow, as the battle was over, there was one more death to be made: Melisandre. She slowly emerged from the castle, took off her magical necklace that kept her young and perished within the snow.

This has been as awesome episode. There’s no words that I can really say to explain the suspense I’ve experienced while watching this. It was truly EPIC!!! I would say that my only disappointment was that defeating the Knight King took one episode. Really? He was the ultimate evil and it took one episode to deal with him? Oh well, I guess the real true evil in GOT is Cersei. Well , in the next episode, the war continues and Daenerys has her eyes now focused on Cersei. Would she be able to remove Cersei as Queen from Kings Landing and reclaim the Iron Throne? Would she have to “burn them all” to get what she wants just like the Mad King of a father? Or would Daenerys die and Cersei wins?

We wouldn’t know what would happen next but I hope Danny allows her dragons and army to rest as they have taken sufficient damages while fighting the army of the dead. Cant wait to watch what happens next.

Until next time guys.

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