Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Review

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I know my last review for the series was quite lengthy but there were so much to cover. This week I’m highlighting some major events that occurred in Episode 2.In the episode of, the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, the entire episode was focused on Winterfell. There were no clips referring back to Cersei at Kings Landing. At Winterfell, there were moments of arguments, celebrations, truth bombs and interment moments before everything comes crashing down. What do I mean by that? Then you have to keep reading to find out. 

This episode starts with  Jaime Lannister being in the meeting hall and of course, Daenerys isn’t pleased to see him (as he’s the man that is responsible for the demised of her family) and the fact that Cersei lied to her regarding providing support in fighting the un-dead.   Tyrion,  tries to insist that he knows his brother and can vouch for him, but Daenerys quickly chastised him for no trusting his sister’s words and not being able to do his job to her standards.Jamie stated his intenstions were to fight for the living rather than staying in Kings Landing with his no good scheming sister. “This goes beyond loyalty. This is about survival.” Brienne later vouches for Jamie and spoke about his noble intentions. Sansa, after hearing what Brienne said allowed Jamie to stay in Winterfell. You got to admit, Daenerys might declare herself as the ruler of the Seven Kingdom, but in the eyes of the people at Winterfell, the Stalks are their rulers. Whatever a Stalk says, goes!Overall, Daenerys isnt happy about him staying there and the internal power struggles between the two ladies continues. 

In the forge room, Gendry is making weapons for the battle ahead against the undead and Arya wants the weapon she asked Gendry to make for her. In her eyes, the  ‘average” weapon that he was currently making for Winterfell is moving very slowly as she wants his attention on her blade and instructs him that she wanted it to be stronger than the others. Arya, who is curious and wants to learn more about the White Walkers, questions Gendry about them for tactical advantages however, Gendry was concerned as to them, the White Walkers is death. She wasnt fazed by his statement as she grabbed  dragonglass knives and threw them to a wooden post. “I know death,” she reminds him. “He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.” 

As the episode progress, Jamie is doing rounds at Winterfell and runs in with Bran in the godswood where they discussed what happened to him in Season 1 (Jamie pushed Bran out the window because he witnessed Jamie and his sister in their moments of passion) and apologies for it. Bran didnt seem too fazed by it because of that incident he is what he is today. Talks cut short and we then Jamie talking to Tyrion, about Cersei’s deceptive ways. Jamie stated the Cersei fooled them all and Tyrion quickly insured Jamie that  “She never fooled you. You always knew exactly what she was. You loved her anyway.” The two continued to bond, reminiscing about their past selves and laughed about what their life has been like currently. Jamie then later left his brother, found Brienne and pledge to fight with her in the upcoming battle. Confused by him for trying to be a gentleman, Brienne snaps at him.“We’ve never had a conversation this long without you insulting me!” –  poor Jamie!

Sensing the continued tension between Sansa and Daenerys, Danny decides to try to figure out why Sansa doesn’t like her and try to create a bond with her. Danny confided in Sansa that Tyrion shouldn’t have trusted Cersei but things didnt go to plan for Danny as it seems you shouldn’t try to insult her ex husband.  Danny switch tactics and confessed that she loves Jon and shes there to support and fight this battle alongside him. 

“Men do stupid things for women,” Sansa explains. “They’re easily manipulated.”  Breaking the tension between the two, Danny jokes about Jon’s height is when the two finally seem as if they were going to get along until Sansa asks about her plans for the North are after they defeat the un-dead and claims the Iron Throne.  Oh well, not all friendships are meant to last. The two were interrupted as Theon arrives at Winterfell and had a ‘touchy reunion moment” with Sansa. Theon stated that both he and his sister pledges her allegiance to Daenerys army and to the North.The Knight King is approaching and theres still alot of things that needs to be done. Ser Davos is feeding Northerners  soup and Gilly is gathering the women and children to wait out the war in the crypt. Have you noticed that everyone thinks the safest place is in the crypt?  Why do I feel like something bad will happen in the crypt. 

More reunions as Jon and Sam  reunited with Tormund, Edd, and Beric.  Tormund wasted no time as he sought out Brienne.  He eventually found her by the fire place with the Lannister brothers as they all drink one last time before the battle. It was during this time, they had held brief conversations. Tormund talked about how he got strong by drinking giant’s breast milk and knighthoods. It was at the moment where we learned despite a female fighting in battles for her kingdom, females are called ladies. It was at this moment, Jamie  acknowledged that you don’t need a king to be knighted but a fellow knight have the power to create another knight.

Brienne accepted the knighthood and is now Ser Brianne, knight of the seven kingdoms.  At it was at moment, for the first time, we saw Brienna smile. 

Next scene we see Arya approaches the Hound. He notes how she never just to not talking and now, I guess her being quiet irritates him? They had brief conversation then meets up with Gendry. It might be her last night on Westeros. Once there, she interrogated him about his previous sex life and reveals her intensions with him as she starts getting passionate with him.  

Guys, we must remember that Arya is a young woman. This might be the last night her has on Earth and she wants to experience sex before she possibly dies. Who would want to die a virgin? Being a virgin isn’t bad but on her part it was another calculated move. Did she enjoyed it? From the looks of it… not really. Gendry, better start improving your skills if theres ever a next time. We later see Jorah and Lyanna Mormont having discussions outside.

Jorah who is her cousin, wants her to go in the crypt with the other women and children. Lyanna is one of my favourite character in the show that displays a strong independent female. Not only does she refuse to go into the crypt, but she refuses to sit back and allow the men to fight in this battle. She insists that she will be on the battlefield and dismisses him. “We’re done here,” Lyanna snaps, dismissing Jorah. “I wish you good fortune, cousin.” AS Lyanna leaves Jorah, here comes Sam and he hands over his family sword, Heartsbane, which is made from valyrian steel. 

Throughout the episode, after finding out about his true parentage, Jon has been avoiding Daenerys. She eventually caught up wth him and cornered him in the crypt in front of Lyanna Stark’s statue. After Daenerys questions Jon about who the person was, she informed him that she heard stories about how nice her brother was and about him rapping Lyanna. Jon, then informs her that he didn’t rap her. They both were in love, married and had a son which was given to her brother Ned Stark to raise as his bastard son. It was then, Jon revealed who he really was.  Of course, Daenerys was shocked but she wasnt taking what he said as the gospel truth. She questions it. “A secret no one in the world knew except your brother and your best friend, does that seem strange to you?” she says. “If this is true, it would make you the last male heir of house Targaryen. You’d have a claim to the iron throne.”  All Daenerys has ever known all her life was to reclaim the Iron Throne but it was at this moment, I believe Jon has seen how strong her lust for power and the Iron Throne really is. Alot has happened, but there’s no more time for chit chat has the White Walkers has arrives to Winterfell. The battle horn has sounded and the fight between the living and the dead is here.These past two episodes were mostly talking and not much action, but next week’s episode is where all the excitement will take place. Who’s excited? I know I am.

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