Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 1 Review

Hi guys, after waiting two whole years for the release of Game of Thrones, Im so happy to see that its finally back!!!!!!Before diving into the episode, the opening credits has changed to match the new scope of the season. It now shows the Iron throne, the wall has changed which shows a reference that Viserion and the knight king destroyed a portion of the wall back in Season 7 and glimpses of all the winter (snow) that has taken over which the Knight King has brought, heading to the  Last Hearth. 

The season open up with  Daenerys  , Jon and her army arriving at Winterfell. Its wasn’t a warm welcome as pointed out that the Northerners don’t like outsiders. Jon then reunites with his family, first huged Bran and discusses how much he has grown since the last time he saw him. Their reunion was emotionless as Bran then replies cold-heartily ‘barely”. Immediately, Jon knew something was wrong. He then gravitated towards Sansa, where he introduces her to  Daenerys  . She responded and stated, “Winterfell is now yours your Grace”, behaving in the same manner as her father did when King Robert came into Winterfell back in Season 1. However, from Sansa’s face expression, we can tell that she doesnt like  Daenerys .
 Later, Bran broke up the happy reunion and stated that they dont have time for this and revealed that the Knight King is coming and also revealed that the Knight King has Viserion is which Daenerys   was shocked that he knew about it. 

In the meeting room, Lady Mormont,  expressed her disappointment towards Jon for leaving Winterfell as King in the North and returning as Daenerys’ lap dog. Even when he tries to defend himself, it’s clear that riding into town beside Daenerys has lost him the respect of his fellow countrymen and women. Tryion also stepped in, giving positive feedback regarding Jon’s heroism and how without the help of Daenerys, the dragons and her allies they wouldn’t stand a chance against the dead. He further stated that the Lannister’s army was on their way, which had the Northerners outraged.  Although Sansa stated that Winterfell belongs to Daenerys now, I dont think she is not going to shut up and watches ideally by and allow her country to get torn apart  but it will be interesting to see how Danny and Jon will keep the peace especially when their food supplies run low when there’s thousands of people that needs to be fed. Not the mention, her dragons in which she sarcastically asked in a not so pleasant tone, “what does dragons eat anyways?” Daenerys, sensing the negative attitude towards her replied back “what ever they want.”.  I honestly thought Sansa was doing a good job in keeping the Northerners at bay.Later in the episode Sansa also questions Tyrion asking if he really believe that Cersei will send her troops. Tyrion defends his sister stating that she will help as she has something to fight for. Which makes one believe what occurred between Cersei and Tyrion behind closed doors back in Season 7. Sansa then responded stated that she thought that Tyrion was the cleverest man she ever met. 

With the tense atmosphere growing, Jon left the hall for a walk, and was finally reunited with his little sister Arya. They went down memory lane as Jon is surprised that she still has needle. He asked her if she ever used it as she responded once or twice. Arya also chats with Jon about family duties and putting family first, not his new dragon riding ‘girlfriend’.

Meanwhile, in King’ s Landing, Cersei just received news that the White Walkers has breached the wall. Shortly after, the scene cut to Euron Greyjoy, who has returned to King’s Landing with the army of mercenaries and horses he promised Cersei which she was at first pleased for, but was disappointed that few of the men were dead on their voyage to King’s Landing and Euron did not bring the war elephants.  After a few word exchanges, he questioned Cersei if he is also welcomed at King’s Landing. At this moment we know from back in Season 7 and his verbal exchanges with his niece Yara, all Euron wants to do is “fuck” the queen. It gave me great pleasure at Cersi’s response to Euron when she stated, “You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her.”  However, based on Euron tactical arguments of how to earn a queen after giving her everything she asked for, Cersei, being the thot that she is, gave in to Euron and allowed him to enter into her chambers. His arrogance and ego boosted higher when he questioned his sexual performance against her past lovers (her dead husband and her brother). Cersei is known for drinking her reds, drinks some wine and reminds Euron that she’s killed other men for their insolence but she also stated that she likes his arrogance. Euron smirks and says, “They were lesser men.” He then promises to “put a prince” inside her before leaving. Too late Euron, there’s already a bouncing baby growing inside of her. Cersei is a smart woman, I believe she will pass Jamie’s baby as his own. That way, no one will questioned who the father of her child if its to be born and verify that the rumors of her being with her brother as being true.

In the next scene, we meet up with Bronn in a brothel with three prostitutes discussing about Daenerys and her dragons. He quickly asked the girls to not discuss the matter anymore as all he wants to do is enjoy himself with them. However, his moments of fun quickly faded as he was interrupted by Qyburn who had an assignment for him from Cersei. She wanted Bronn to head to the North and kill her traitorous brothers if they mange to survive the white walkers. The twist behind all of this is that Cersei wants Bronn to kill her brothers with a crossbow and its the same weapon that Tyrion used to kill their father when he was on the toilet. We all know that Cersei doesn’t like Tyrion from the moment that he was born, but to actually ask someone to kill your twin and lover really speaks the levels of anger she has against Jamie for leaving her side and fighting alongside her enemies. Can you believe it? Jamie left to fight the white walkers for a safe future for Cersei and the baby and she wants him dead. WOW! Do you think that Bronn will kill the Lannister brothers? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.While Euron was out with the queen, Theon and some of his allies rescued his sister that was captured and were headed to the Iron islands. They talked about Jon and Daenerys was back at Winterfell and they should head there to help. Yara, stated that since Euron wasnt there at the Iron Islands it was the best opportunity to win it back. Yara, then gave her blessing for her brother to head to Winterfell as she stated if anything goes wrong, Dawnerys will have a place to go where the dead can’t follow. 
So far episode one was filled with reunions. 

Back at Winterfell, all eyes are on Jon and Daenerys’ as they walk about the court yard. Varys, Tyrion, and Ser Davos are watching the two and discussing the benefits of a marriage between two powerful houses. 

Focusing more on Jon and Daenerys, the two first talked about  Sansa and the issues she has with Daenerys, which Daenerys doesn’t like. She did responded to Jon, “I am her queen!! If she can’t respect me…” She was unable to finish her statement as she was interrupted by the  Dothraki after learning that her dragons are barely eating. What happens next is one of the highlights of the night as we finally saw Jon riding one of the dragons. He was on Rhaegal, the dragon named after his biological father. How cute! Jon and Daenerys are in the air riding the dragons through  swooping and soaring around Winterfell. Scenes cut to the shocked faces of  Varys, Tyrion, and Ser Davos seeing Jon riding on Rhaegal. At the moment, I though Daenerys was naive. We know that her dragons are behaved with it comes to the people that are around her but they have never allowed anyone other than her touched or worse ride on top of them. But, the dragons can ‘sense’ or ‘smell’ the Targaryen from Jon which allows him to get close to them where others were unable to. 

The two landed, shared interment moments with one another before returning to Winterfell. 

More reunions occur as Arya was reunited with Gendry and the Hound in the iron room. Gendry was making weapons  for the army out of dragon glass before Arya walked in. The hound and Arya made cold remarks towards one another and then her attention shifted towards Gendry.  Arya handed him a drawing with a weapon that she wanted and started too exchange old comments towards one another. Gendry calling Arya my lady which she doesn’t like and so forth. 

We then see Jon entering into a room talking to Sansa, She’s pissed. We then learned that House Glover wasn’t joining the Stalks  into war, and Sansa blames Jon. She stated that he abandoned his post and he was supposed to be King in the North and came back home with an outsider. He reminds her that titles doesn’t matter as his duty was to defend the North. In addition to that, Jon tells his sister that Daenerys will be a good queen and she’s not her father.” Sansa asks Jon if he bent the knee to save the North or because he loves Daenerys. he doesn’t a chance to respond. Scenes cut to, Daenerys and Jorah Mormont  walking somewhere around the castle as they sought out Samwell Tarly who saved Jorah from the greyscale disease. Things gotten tense and perplexed when Daenerys told Sam that she killed his father and  brother. (She burned them alive in season 7 after they refused to acknowledge her as queen and not bending the knee) this she confessed to Sam after leaning  that Randell Tarly was his father. From this moment, I think that Sam was okay with the information as he didnt really care much about his father and stated that he could return home. However, when Daenerys stated that his brother also died because he didnt want to leave his father side struck a nerve in Sam. He was heartbroken.
Sam left the room, barely unable to hold back his rage as he met Bran outside. Bran stated that he was outside waiting for an old friend and instructed Sam to tell Jon the truth about who he really is. Sam headed to the crypt where Jon was and told him about what happened to his father and brother and asked if he would do the same thing. Jon stated no, but he’s not the King. In an emotional state, Sam revealed to Jon about his true parentage. It didn’t went well as Jon looks up to Ned and thought he was a wonderful father. Sam continue telling him that Ned did what he did to protect Jon as if anyone knew who is was out his parentage, he would have been killed.  Sam further stated that his name is Aegon Targaryen 6th of his name and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. In his mind, Jon bewildered about the information that was said and thinks that Daenerys should remain the queen. Would Jon tell Daenerys of his learnt identity? What would she do if she finds out that she doesn’t have claim to the Iron throne? Or would she disregard the information and rule the 7 kingdoms side by side with Jon?In the North, Tormund, Dolorous Edd, and Beric Dondarrion are at House Umber’s keep in the Last Hearth. There, they find young Ned Umber, the young boy who Sansa told to bring the rest of his people to Winterfell at the Great hall scene pinned to a wall. His men have been cut to pieces and their body parts were pinned into the wall, creating the White walkers signature spiral creations. We then see Ned Umber eyes open and that illuminated blue eyes appeared and he gave a shriek that was worse than one of a banshee. Beric started up his magic fire sword and set the young boy on fire.

Back at Winterfell, we saw a hooded rider on their way to the castle. Who is this mysterious person? It’s a tired old Jamie as he revealed himself. As he watches around, he is shocked and froze in place as he saw Bran Stalk in a wheelchair watching and giving that oh so creepy look that Bran is famous for.
That’s a wrap of what occurred I. Episode one. Lots of reunions as I stated earlier, plenty emotions (good and anger) and lack of blood slaughtering fights (thanks for the fight scene Theron) and I can’t forget all the messy drama. 
I’m so excited to see what will happen in episode 2. From the sneak peaks, it doesn’t seem things will go well for Jamie as Daenerys wishes nothing more but to kill the man that was responsible for her father’s death.  What was your take on Epsiode 1? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, keep it lock where we will give you a summary of season 2 and our thoughts about the next episode.
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