Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Review

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Dragons, Family Reunions and not one main character died! I say this is an episode worth watching!

Hi World …it’s your girl, BVI Mermaid with another Game of Thrones review.  In last week’s episode- The Queen’s Justice”, we saw the Lannisters willingly gave up their home at Casterly Rock (for the time being) in order to launch an attack at Highgarden, taking out another one of Daenerys alliances, claiming the Tyrell’s gold and taking their harvest (food).  At this point, Cersei is no longer worried about paying off her debts against the Bank of Braavos aka Iron Bank as she has full confidence in her brother’s ability in bringing the gold safely to Kingslanding. However, Bronn is unpleased as explained in season six, Jamie promised him a castle, land and a wife for going to Dorne. To this date he has agreed to Cersei’s marriage arrangement to Lollys Stokeworth, the second daughter of Lord Stokeworth. At the moment, his eyes are on Highgarden and Jamie disapproves. Jamie stated that Daenerys will claim the castle back as soon as he moved in.


In the North, Lord Baelish is speaking to Bran and pulls out the unnamed Valyrian steel dagger. Last time we saw this dagger was in season one when the assassin planned and failed to assassinate Ban but now, its managed to be in the hands of Lord Baelish as he used the dagger against Ned Stark back in Kingslanding.

Lord Baelish unsheathed the dagger, hands it over to Bran and says he’s at Winterfell to protect them.  Bran being curious about the ownership of the dagger, Baelish started to ramble on about, “the dagger made you what you are today” and he’s right. Due to the assassination attempt on Bran’s life, his mother Catelyn Stark took the dagger to Ned where it as Lord Baelish who told him the dagger belonged to Tyrion. From this knowledge, Catelyn took Tyrion as a prisoner when she saw him at an Inn, thus starting the conflict between House Stark and House Lannister. As the conversation continued, Meera walked in and Baelish exited the room. Meera came to say her goodbyes to Bran, saying, “when they come, I need to be with my family”. She later stated that he’s safe and he doesn’t need her anymore and in a cold monotone, he agreed and thank her for helping him. OUCH!! At this time, she’s filled with emotions, maybe shocked by his response I’m impressed that the tears didn’t fall from her face as she lost her brother and nearly died herself protecting Bran. As she called out his name, Bran said, I’m not really… not any more” She eventually left the room but not before saying that he died in the cave.

In the next scene, Arya finally returns to Winterfell. At first, she was having a hard time convincing the guards at the front of her identity but with persistence, she was allowed to enter. The guards told her to stay while they report her to Lady Stark (Sansa) and she disappeared from their sight. She went into the Crypt of Winterfell and paid her respects to her father. It was there Sansa found her and the emotional reunion between the sisters was revealed. It wasn’t like the weird, uncomfortable reunion that she’s experienced with Bran.  Sansa than told Arya that Bran was home and they too exchange greetings. Brandon wasn’t surprised that Arya choose to come home rather than going to Kingslanding as he revealed that he saw her at the cross roads heading there and told Sansa that Cersei was on her killing list. Bran then pulled out the dragger that Little Finger gave him and hands it to Arya.

Seeing the remaining Stark children home brought joy to Brienne as she watched them walking around the yard. 

The next time we saw Brienne, she was sparing with Podrick and as Arya watches on eventually interrupts the two. Brienne watched and admired Arya’s sword and newly acclaimed dagger.  Arya then asked Brienne to spar with her instead. As she pulled out needle and Brienne advises her not to use it due to its size, but Arya insisted and said she wouldn’t cut her. During the battle, we see Arya incorporating the fighting styles from Syrio Forel (season one) and Jaqen H’ghar (season five and six) as she elegantly move around, avoiding Brienne’s sword swings and eventually defeats her. When asked who taught her, her response was No one.


At Dragonstone, Missandei is worried, as there’s no news about from the Unsullies that went to Casterly Rock.  As Daenerys said that “he” as in Greyworm, would come back to her, her response was, “he had better!”  As Daenerys investigate in finding out what happened between the two, Missandei said, many things and couldn’t contain the grin on her face… LADIES!!! A man that is castrated is capable of doing MANY things. OH my!! Ok keeping this PG… moving along

Jon interrupts the two and took them to an underground cave. He wanted them the dragonglass as well as markings /drawings that he’s discovered on the walls, originating from the first men and the children on the forest. These images showed proof to Daenerys that the army of the dead was real and that the children of the forest as well as the first men fought them together despite their differences.  (little do they know the children of the forest actually created the first white walkers from man to protect them from man. We got this background information from season six). He also explained that he wouldn’t be able to win the war against the Knight King and his army without Daenerys help, she affirmed that she would fight for him and the Northerners when he bends the knee. After all the chaos the people of the North experienced from Southerners, Jon explained that the people wouldn’t accept her. However, she’s convinced that if Jon puts away his pride and bends the knee the Northerners will follow.

Outside of the cave, Daenerys learned about the demised of Lady Tyrell and is furious about it. Tyrion is known as the strategist in the Lannisters family but has unestimated his older siblings.  She turns her attention to her dragons and was planning on using all three of them to attack the Red Crypt.  Tyrion advises against it and she then turned to Jon. At this point, one would think she would calm down and make a better alliance with him but she asked him what he thinks she should do. Jon reminded her of why people followed and believed in her in the first place and stated if she uses her dragons to burn cities and melt castle she will be the same like the enemies she’s currently fighting.

In the next scenes at Dragonstone, Jon and Ser Davos is trying to find out more about Daenerys and questioned Missandei. They asked her on how she got involved with Daenerys and why she choice to serve her and not return to Naath etc. Within the background, the Greyjoys ship approaches the island and they headed to the beach to meet them. There, Jon met Theon. Hiding his rage, he approached Theon and said, “what you did for her (Sansa), is the only reason why I’m not killing you.” Remember in Season two, Theon betrayed Robb, raided Winterfell, killed Sir Rodrik and claimed to have killed Brandon and Rickon.  Jon was at the Wall and was part of the Nights Watch he wasn’t allowed to leave until his watch has ended. Upon releasing his grip on him, Theon came back to Dragonstone to ask Daenerys to help him get Yara back from Euron but Daenerys has left the island.

Blackwater Rush

We’ve learned from Randyll Tarly that all the gold that was ransacked from Highgarden has safely entered the gates of Kingslanding and the remaining wagons need to be moved before nightfall.  Small conservations exchanged about the battle e and Bronn sensed something/someone was coming. The Lannisters army grabbed their swords, shields and formed and barricade. In the distance was aan army of Dothraki soliders, and in the sky, Drogon. Drogon opened fire against the Lannisters army, burning the men alive and given the Dothraki a way though their barricade.  The battle was brutal as many men died, was on fire and screaming in anguish.

Seemed as if the Lannisters were anticipating the presence of a dragon as Jamie instructed Bronn to use their secret weapon, the ballista against Drogon. As he runs to carry out Jamie’s order, Bronn was chased by a Dothraki but manages to kill him using the arrow of the powerful ballista, killing him instantly. Bronn then focuses the ballista on Drogon and opened fired on the dragon, landing a hit on his shoulder on the second attempt.  As the dragon lowers to the ground, he opened fire and burnt the ballista before gently landing and allowing Danny to come off.  This is the second time that Drogon has been wounded and we know the last time that happened, he burnt animals and killed a child. Lets hope there isn’t a repeat during his recuperation. As Dany got down, she tried desperately to remove the arrow from Drogon. At this time, Jamie realized that he has a chance of killing Daenerys and ending the war. He rides towards her, grabbing a spear and jolted towards her. As he approaches her, Drogon turned his head towards Jamie and threw fire at him but not before Bronn jumped in, throwing Jamie off his horse and the two landed in the water. Wow, I must say Jamie’s a lucky man. If I were Bronn, I would have added more demands to my list as a reward. The episode ended with Jamie sinking into the darkness. With an iron hand, would Jamie be able to swim or would Bronn be able to reach him in time before he drowns? This episode of Game of Throne is reported to be the shortest this season, 50 minutes. I’m super excited to see next week’s episode, only three more episodes to go until the season is over.  Game of Thrones episode five will be aired on Sunday, August 13th. Until next time!  Bye!!


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